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Better Buses Campaign Updates

Want to get the latest update on our Better Buses campaign for more frequent, connected and electric buses? Check it out below!

On Wednesday 15th September, 2021, we officially launched our Better Buses campaign online with nearly 100 folk from across Victoria! 
From local community groups to academics, councillors and union members, it was fantastic to see such an amazing turnout and robust discussion about the need to improve our bus services, particularly in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. 

We heard from a wide array of speakers who talked about the need to decarbonise the transport space, why better buses are essential - particularly in Western Vic, the need for more integrated public transport networks to reduce emissions and increase patronage, and what is required to transition to 100% electric buses. Check out the full line up of speakers below 👇



The campaign launch was also featured in the media during the week - with an interview on 3CR's Dirt Radio and article in Star Weekly's Brimbank and North West edition. Listen to the radio interview below!
There are 3 key ways you can TAKE ACTION on the Better Buses campaign right now:
  1. Sign the petition calling on Minister Ben Carroll to commit to Better Buses
  2. Join our Sustainable Cities collective and be part of shaping the campaign
  3. Sign up to meet with your local MP about the Better Buses campaign or email [email protected] for more info
Stay tuned for more updates on the campaign coming soon!


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