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45 Years of Acting Up: Friends of the Earth anti-nuclear campaigns

Friends of the Earth podcast history series made in collaboration with 3CR 855 AM community radio show Acting Up! Monday 2:00pm-2.30pm.  Ratbags, peaceniks and agents of change, resistance radio that explores the movements that made us.  

Presenter: Em Gayfer   Guests: Ila & Linda Marks, Dave Sweeney 

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Key moments in Friends of the Earth’s longest running campaigns:
the movement against uranium mining and anti-nuclear resistance




(Poster by Michael Callaghan)


1974 First meeting of FOE Australia held on proposed site of a nuclear reactor on French Island in Westernport Bay, VIC … defeated!
1975-1978 uranium moratorium; FOE involved in mass demo’s to oppose uranium mining; Campaign Against Nuclear Energy (CANE)
1977 national bike ride protests; FOE publishes RED LIGHT FOR YELLOW CAKE.  Late 1970s Indigenous land rights and uranium mine protests; Trade Union activists win ALP no new mines policy; 3 mines policy change for Kakadu, NT area, Ranger, Jabiluka and Koongarra mines imposed on the Mirarr people.  
1980s national movement against uranium mining grows; in 1981 20,000 people march in Melbourne.  1982 Victoria goes nuclear-free; FOE helps to establish the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Australia.  1983 – 1984 Roxby Downs, SA blockades formed alliances with Indigenous protesters and affinity groups included non-violence training and women’s actions.  
1990s uranium shipments from Roxby Downs blockaded in Adelaide.  1996 FOE lobbies for the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty. 1997 First action camp held at Jabiluka.  
2000 FOE involved in non-proliferation review conference.  2003 Jabiluka uranium mine closed and re-filled.  
2010 onwards campaigns: No nuclear waste dumps in South Australia, Keep Western Australia free from uranium mining, promoting a nuclear free world. 
2020 Friends of the Earth Melbourne: mobilise - resist - transform
ACE Nuclear Free Collective hosts events and workshops to promote a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons, to amplify the voices of Indigenous communities directly impacted by the nuclear industry and to educate people about nuclear and peace issues.

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