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100 days til the VIC election

With the Victorian state election only 100 days away, we’re working hard to ensure that all political parties take meaningful climate and environmental policies to the election.

We’ve been in campaign mode since last August but now we’re getting to the serious part of the race. Back in the 2014 state election, FoE’s smart approach to campaigning helped deliver the key environmental wins that were achieved, including:

This is a high stakes election.

Because of the regressive agenda of the Coalition, we now need to mobilise to defend our wins – they have indicated they will lift the moratorium on gas and kill off the VRET if elected.

And after a disappointing couple of months on the climate front, we need to push the ALP to do more on environment and climate.

We’re doing our best to convince all parties that the community want to see visionary action on climate and environment.

We are working in targeted areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria to:

  • Build active support in regional areas for the VRET and gas moratorium and ban, and
  • Ensure that sustainable transport, forests, and climate & energy are on the agenda for all political parties.

We’re doing actions and stunts, letter boxing and leafleting, holding forums, generating local media, doing community surveys and info stalls, and lots more.

For our full election policy package, please check here.

We really need all hands on deck these next few months to ensure we have maximum impact.

Take action

1/ If you support our campaign vision, please send a message to Premier Daniel Andrews and Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy.

You can sign on here.

2/ Get involved: our Sustainable Cities, Yes 2 Renewables, Quit Coal, Act on Climate, River Country and Forests campaigns are always looking for new active members. Please check the website to see how to get involved and when the meetings are held.

Come along to an event. Check our events page or facebook for details on upcoming events.

3/ Donate to support our campaigns. This is a really important election. The anti environment agenda of the Coalition saw Victoria go backwards on many issues - from the development of renewables to the protection of our national parks - from 2010 to 2014. We cannot afford another half decade of wasted time.

Please donate to build our capacity to effectively impact on the polices of all parties.

4/ Spread the word. It would be great if you would consider re-posting this if you use twitter.

Please also keep an eye on our facebook page for some images.

With climate change already bearing down on us, we need to move forward rapidly with ambitious action to protect our land, water and communities.

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