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This week, support Indigenous water rights

This week, you can help Indigenous people in Victoria campaign for a fair share of water resources!
Last December the Victorian government released the Water Bill Exposure draft, outlining a new water act for the state. This was an important opportunity to update Victoria's legislation to include greater recognition of Indigenous water rights. 
As Traditional Owners and long-term custodians of natural ecosystems, Indigenous people have a right and a responsibility to use water resources in their Country. The Victorian Government has a responsibility to improve Indigenous participation in water planning and provide access to water resources.
However, the new Act does virtually nothing to recognise Indigenous water rights. The Victorian Government has neglected its responsibility and missed a crucial opportunity to support sustainable futures for Indigenous people.
Submissions on the Water Bill Exposure draft close this Friday, 14 February. We need as many people as possible to make submissions to the Expert Advisory Panel telling them they want to see better recognition of Indigenous water rights. 
Please take a few minutes to  write a short submission and send it to the panel. Here you can find a one page template to provide the key facts. If you have time, read on to see the fact sheet to gain a better picture of the issues.
Send submissions to: [email protected]
or post to:
Water Law Review
Office of Living Victoria
PO Box 500
East Melbourne VIC 3002

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