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Sustainable Cities September '23 Newsletter

Monthly September update on what the Sustainable Cities collective have been up to, and a reminder of our upcoming events.

🎉Happy Transport Equity Week!🎉

It's been an action packed week already with local groups across the country taking action to demand the changes that we want to see in our transport system. 

There's still more to go so head to our website, or instagram, to see what's happening or register your own event, it's not too late!

Bus Ball Tomorrow! 🚌

Join the Sustainable Cities collective for the Better Buses party of the year! Our sister collective, Act on Climate will be joining along for the ride too!

Put on your best party outfit to hop on the bus and make buses sexy again! 

We'll meet at the bus stop outside 53 Queen St, Melbourne at 4pm, Can't wait to see you there!

In this newsletter

  • Last Month:
    • Transport Equity Week Launch!
      • Sydney Road Accessible Tram Stops Rally
      • Snap Action to Duplicate the Upfield Train Line
      • No 3rd Tulla Runway social media events
      • KIDICAL MASS - #Safe on Summerhill
    • Strategy Day in West Footscray
    • Crafternoon
    • FoEA National Meeting 
  • Local / Victoria News
    • Work commute dilemma in Melbourne's outer suburbs 
    • Melbourne train lines with most delays and no-shows
    • Dutch 'cycling professor' on Melbourne's cycling accessibility 
    • Upfield line protest on 7 news featuring our Sustainable Cities coordinator, Elyse!
  • National / International News 
    • European Mobility Week


Upcoming Events

SATURDAY: Better West market stall Footscray

As part of Transport Equity Week, Better West market stall Footscray to develop a local active transport plan. The group will be asking local residents what they expect and when and building a community led local active transport plan.

Second Strategy Day Wyndham (date tbc)

Keep an eye out for more info!

Last Month

Transport Equity Week 

The long wait is over, Transport Equity Week is here! Here is a short recap of what has been happening this week and upcoming events to join this movement!

Launch event: Sydney Road Accessible Tram Stops Rally

The SATS campaign held a rally last Sunday in Brunswick where the community is demanding the government to guarantee the completion of accessible tram stops for all on Sydney Road before the construction of the Sky Rail, which will further worsen the accessibility of transport due to the Upfield line train being closed. 

We heard inspiring messages from speakers in the community which are mostly affected by this. 

(Photo courtesy of Matt Hrkac)

Snap Action: Duplicate the Upfield Train Line

On Tuesday, there was a snap action, where the community is calling to duplicate the single track to the Upfield train line. There is only a single track north of Fawkner, making the train constantly infrequent, overcrowded and even cancelled.

Read more about it in Green Left here

Watch the 7 news report on the action here

No 3rd Tulla Runway social media events

We jumped on social media platforms and also emailed MPs Catherine King & Tanya Plibersek to say that we do not want them to approve the 3rd Runway at Melbourne Airport! We showed our concerns for this and that we care and that we will not go away! This will be harmful for the environment, local residents and will increase traffic due to insufficient public transport.

KIDICAL MASS - #Safe on Summerhill

Community shared their experience of riding on Summerhill Rd or why they don’t and how it negatively impacts access to essential local amenities. Organised by BikeWest and Kidical Mass Melbourne

Strategy Day in West Footscray

On Saturday September 9th we held a strategy session with locals in West Footscray to flesh out our upcoming strategy, to be announced soon.

Read a recap of the day here:

Crafternoon with the Collective

The collective got together to make some fun posters and banners for the Bus Ball! Harry Styles joined us for this fun night!😎

FoEA National  Meeting

Several members from our collective attended the FoEA national meeting at Commonground Hilldene

Local / Victoria News

Residents claim trains along the Upfield Line are constantly delayed or cancelled | 7NEWS

7 news reporting on a snap action to duplicate the Upfield train line, held as part of Transport Equity Week. Our SC coordinator Elyse was interviewed to share her views on the issue

Work commute dilemma in Melbourne's outer suburbs 

Melbourne’s Outer South-East could also use better buses! The outer suburb communities need to drive or commute for hours to the city due to no accessible jobs in the area. 

Melbourne train lines with most delays and no-shows

Those living on the Werribee line not only have poor bus service, but poor train service too!

Dutch 'cycling professor' on Melbourne's cycling accessibility 

Our collective went to see Marco te Brommelstroet talk at the State Library and were inspired by his ideas that tackle the root cause of transport inequity- CAR CULTURE!

National / International News

European Mobility Week

Little did we know European Mobility Week fell on the same week as Transport Equity Week. It’s clear that access to transport that is safe, affordable and accessible for all is a global priority!

Want to get involved?

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Or, if you don't have the time to participate in our collective, but have the financial capacity to donate, you can do that here:

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