Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable Cities campaigns for a more liveable connected city. We want to see more investment in public transport, no new major roads, and encouraging active travel.

We all need better access to the opportunities Melbourne provides: to accessing education, jobs, health services, shops and our friends and families. While we are consistently voted the most liveable city in Australia, these are calculated for people on high incomes, living in the inner city, with access to many established services.

Transport is how we connect to people and places. Melbourne’s transport system must be profoundly changed to provide a more accessible, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Sustainable Cities campaign priorities:

  • Invest in public transport: providing safe, accessible, and convenient options for people to drive less.

  • Encourage active travel: creating a healthier community and reducing the pressure on our road network.

  • End building of major new road projects: the vast sprawling network of roads covers Melbourne extensively. By discouraging new roads that attract more vehicles to the road, those that genuinely need to use our roads, such as our emergency services, will be able to get where they need quicker.

  • Stop building toll roads: the price barrier makes corporations increasing profits, with the burden on those that genuinely need the use the roads.

  • Transition freight movements from road to rail: this is a far more efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe way to move Australians goods.

The group meets regularly at the Friends of the Earth office - contact for more information.

Sustainable Cities is a collective of Friends of the Earth Melbourne in partnership with the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA).

Latest News

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