Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable Cities campaigns for a more liveable connected city. We want to see more investment in public transport, no new major roads, and encouraging active travel.

We all need better access to the opportunities Melbourne provides: to accessing education, jobs, health services, shops and our friends and families. While we are consistently voted the most liveable city in Australia, these are calculated for people on high incomes, living in the inner city, with access to many established services.

Transport is how we connect to people and places. Melbourne’s transport system must be profoundly changed to provide a more accessible, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Sustainable Cities campaign priorities:

  • Invest in public transport: providing safe, accessible, and convenient options for people to drive less.

  • Encourage active travel: creating a healthier community and reducing the pressure on our road network.

  • End building of major new road projects: the vast sprawling network of roads covers Melbourne extensively. By discouraging new roads that attract more vehicles to the road, those that genuinely need to use our roads, such as our emergency services, will be able to get where they need quicker.

  • Stop building toll roads: the price barrier makes corporations increasing profits, with the burden on those that genuinely need the use the roads.

  • Transition freight movements from road to rail: this is a far more efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe way to move Australians goods.

The group meets regularly at the Friends of the Earth office - contact for more information.

Sustainable Cities is a collective of Friends of the Earth Melbourne in partnership with the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA).

Latest News

On the 30th of September 2019, Sustainable Cities coordinator Claudia Gallois joined Stop Adani to call out GHD Engineers. We requested that the company stop working on deplorable projects such as Adani's rail line and mega toll roads and we asked them to work in line with their own sustainability principles. Read the speech below!  Read more

On Thursday, community members delivered a petition on behalf of 700 people calling for a stop to the $16 billion North East Link toll road. Members of Parliament Sam Hibbins (Victorian Greens spokesperson for Transport) and Clifford Hayes (Sustainable Australia Party) accepted the petition and delivered it to decision makers. “[The North East Link is] a lazy solution to frustrated residents in the North-East corridor that will only increase the city’s dependence on cars,” said community member Cynthia Pilli on the steps of Parliament. Read more

MEDIA ALERT: THURSDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2019 Community petition delivery to Parliament calling on decision makers to stop the North East LinkThis Thursday, community members will gather at Parliament steps to deliver a petition calling on Premier Daniel Andrews, Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan and Planning Minister Richard Wynne to stop the $16 billion North East Link toll road. The event marks the end of the public hearings where concerned citizens had the opportunity to raise issues about the project before an independent panel. Read more

The North East link is a mega toll road proposed to expand the Eastern Freeway up 24 lanes, dividing community and funnelling more traffic onto Hoddle street. 26,000 trees and 9 MCGs worth of parks and open space will be destroyed by this mega toll road. To mark the end of the Public Hearings, where community members spoke up about their concerns with the project, we will be delivering our petition to Parliament! RSVP Here Read more