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Stop ineffective and destructive planned burns

Kinglake Friends of the Forest are calling for support to stop destructive planned burns, threatening wildlife. 

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMV) plans to burn 25,000 ha of forest in the Kinglake - Wandong - Tallarook - Marysville area within 3 years.

Broadscale burning of forests is an outdated practice that is ineffective, and even counterproductive, in reducing bushfire risk to our community. It is causing huge damage to biodiversity, the climate and human health.

Analysis of Departmental mapped fire histories for the same forest types that cover the Kinglake area have shown that fire promotes a pulse of increased flammability as forests regrow. This means that planned burning may create a short-term advantage, but then impose a long-term increase in fire risk.

The forests in Kinglake and surrounds that burned in 2009 are now past their peak flammability and according to the latest modelling will reach a lower-than-average state of flammability by approximately 2028. It is urgent that these forests should be protected from fire over the next 4 years until they reach this state. Fire risk will continue to decline after this point, creating a broad landscape of reduced fire risk.

Read the full Modernised Fire Mitigation Report at

Image below: Map of planned burns scheduled for the area in the next 3 years.

Photo taken within the burn footprint of HR-MUR-TLG-0008 in Kinglake