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A roadmap to ecological forest stewardship & regenerative regional economies

Following on from the wonderful news that clearfell logging will end Jan 1 2024 in Victoria, right now is a critical time for considering future forest management and supporting First Nations communities in their aspirations for self determination. 

We have created this initial draft of our future visions considering the current state of play and the opportunity for deep listening and understanding of First Nation peoples aspirations for Country. This roadmap will assist in guiding our work in the coming months. 

Illustration by Sofia Sabbagh

"FoE commits to deep listening and collaboration and will continue to articulate an evolving, place-based vision for forested landscapes as we transition towards ecological land stewardship that secures the best possible outcomes for the bush".

Note: This body of work has been constructed with the highest regard for First Nations justice and their incredible opportunity for sovereignty. We acknowledge the thousands of years of care for the bush Country of this state, and deeply hope that now signifies a new dawn for the future care and restoration of forests. 

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