River Country

This year millions of fish died on the Darling River. It was no accident, rivers in the Murray Darling Basin have been mismanaged and plundered for profit for far too long.

River Country has a proud history campaigning with Traditional Owners along the Murray River to protect over 250,000 ha of Red Gum Forests.

Today we have a basin-wide focus calling for the Murray Darling Basin Plan to be reviewed and strengthened to restore health to the Murray Darling once and for all.

river_pic.png OUR MISSION

To see a flourishing Murray-Darling Basin where Traditional Owners enjoy sovereign rights to country.


Protect public water so that rivers can run from source to sea

No risky floodplain developments in local Red Gum forests, lakes and wetlands

Stand in solidarity with Traditional Owners in their fight for sovereignty and co-management of their land and water. 

Latest News

Last Monday's episode of Four Corners revealed how tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are being used to expand irrigation systems for major agribusiness instead of preserving water for the environment. More than $4 billion intended to protect the Murray-Darling Basin has been handed out, but corporations have been exposed using this money to build new dams to water cotton fields and nut groves. This shocking misuse of public funds for private gain is yet another case of corruption and maladministration by the government.  Read more

Victorian Minister for Water Lisa Neville announced today that she will step up to limit water extraction below the Barmah Choke with a new licence review process.  The Minister has directed Lower Murray Water and Goulburn Murray Water to refer all licence applications in the lower Murray region to her for assessment for the next 12 months. Read more

The Murray Darling Basin Plan set out to save our rivers from environmental disaster. Since the $13 Billion Plan began in 2012, there has been major concerns raised with implementation, including allegations of corruption, maladministration and mismanagement. Communities who depend on our rivers fear that if we don’t act now to bring the Plan back on track, our rivers will die and dependent communities will decline. Here, we present a 7 point strategy to restore integrity to the Plan, so it can deliver on its key objectives – to keep the rivers and dependent communities alive and well. Email Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville Here     Read more

In light of recent fish kill events and decrease in the health of the Murray-Darling Basin, new funding announcements have surfaced from the office of the Victorian Minister for Water, Lisa Neville.  Read more

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