River Country

Friends of the Earth's River Country has campaigned for 18 years with Indigenous nations along the Murray River to protect over 250,000 ha of Red Gum Forests in new national parks and conservation reserves. Today support Traditional Owners with their aspirations of caring for country as we fight for Indigenous management and land rights over River Red Gum forests. 



We campaign for cultural water rights for the Indigenous river  peoples, and environmental water rights for the mighty Red Gum forests to ensure their survival for generations to come.


To see a flourishing Murray-Darling Basin where Indigenous peoples enjoy sovereign rights to country.



Latest News

Last year was a big year for the Murray Darling. The Darling ran dry, Four Corners exposed upstream water theft thrusting our river into the national spotlight and bickering over the Murray Darling Basin Plan threatened to cut back the amount water that is returned to the environment. With a Victorian State Election and a key decision about the fate of the Murray Darling Basin Plan pending for February, 2018 is shaping up to be even bigger. Read more

National Parks are protected right? They are the last remaining vestiges of land in Australia that are no longer cut down, hunted in or dug up. Think again. As we speak, there are large machines pushing, breaking and cutting down Red Gum trees and trampling vegetation in the Murray Valley National Park (MVNP) in NSW, Australia. It looked bad on paper, and it looks even worse in real life. It is almost unbelievable that we are employing loggers to go back into our National Parks.                               ... Read more

Agriculture and Water Minister Barnaby Joyce introduced amendments to the Water Act in Parliament last week that could see the burden of funding environmental works shifted onto the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.  Previously, proceeds from selling environmental water that was not used in one region had to be used to buy environmental water in another region. As we know, environmental water allocations are precious and many Red Gum forests, floodplains and wetlands do not receive the volumes they require to stay healthy. The amendments to the Water Act mean that income from selling environmental water can now be used for... Read more

This week ABC news reported that flows into the Murray-Darling river system are as low as they were in 2002-2003 — the first bad year of the Millennium Drought. Meanwhile, a perfect political storm is brewing that could threaten the hard-won gains for Australia’s greatest river system. Friends of the Earth needs your help to secure a sustainable future for the Murray Darling Basin. Send your message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull now. Read more