River Country

Last year millions of fish died on the Darling River. It was no accident, rivers in the Murray Darling Basin have been mismanaged and plundered for profit for far too long.

River Country has a proud history campaigning with Traditional Owners along the Murray River to protect over 250,000 ha of Red Gum Forests.

Today we have a basin-wide focus calling for the Murray Darling Basin Plan to be reviewed and strengthened to restore health to the Murray Darling once and for all.

river_pic.png OUR MISSION

To see a flourishing Murray-Darling Basin where Traditional Owners enjoy sovereign rights to country.


Protect public water so that rivers can run from source to sea

No risky floodplain developments in local Red Gum forests, lakes and wetlands

Stand in solidarity with Traditional Owners in their fight for sovereignty and co-management of their land and water. 

Latest News

50 years ago today, the international treaty for the protection of internationally significant wetlands came into effect. The RAMSAR convention was to support populations of migratory birds, endangered species, purify drinking water, and sink carbon.  Take Action Today to support wetlands! Read more

NSW Border Rivers is the first valley in NSW where floodplain harvesting will be licensed. Follow our table of questions and answers to get your submission in. Make a submission by midnight, Monday November 30! Read more

Environmental approvals and public consultations are underway for the development of 9 Victorian Floodplain infrastructure projects.    The Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project (VMFRP) consists of 9 subsidiary projects,proposed by the Victorian government, that have been included as supply measures under the SDLAdjustment Mechanism (SDLAM) in the Basin Plan. They are infrastructure projects, involvingregulators, levee banks and pump stations, and are intended to water small areas of floodplainforest and wetlands. Read more

A NSW Upper House inquiry is underway into the impacts of dams in the Murray Darling fast tracked by NSW Government. The Murray-Darling supports RAMSAR wetlands and critical ecosystems for endangered fish & migratory birds and supplies food for millions. So whether you live near a project, downstream or elsewhere in Australia these projects effect you!  Make a Submission Today!   Read more

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