River Country

This year millions of fish died on the Darling River. It was no accident, rivers in the Murray Darling Basin have been mismanaged and plundered for profit for far too long.

River Country has a proud history campaigning with Traditional Owners along the Murray River to protect over 250,000 ha of Red Gum Forests.

Today we have a basin-wide focus calling for the Murray Darling Basin Plan to be reviewed and strengthened to restore health to the Murray Darling once and for all.

river_pic.png OUR MISSION

To see a flourishing Murray-Darling Basin where Traditional Owners enjoy sovereign rights to country.


Protect public water so that rivers can run from source to sea

No risky floodplain developments in local Red Gum forests, lakes and wetlands

Stand in solidarity with Traditional Owners in their fight for sovereignty and co-management of their land and water. 

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From the polls to the punters, the re-election of the Morrison Government came as a shock to all of us. As the Government gets down to business, who is there to look out for the rivers? Ministerial Portfolios affecting water management and environment have changed. The water ministry is no longer positioned with agriculture; instead its paired with drought, natural disasters and emergency response. Likewise the pairing with the environment ministry has changed. Prior to the 2019 election, the environment ministry was held with the energy portfolio. It now stands on its own. Read more

The Darling River is in crisis after years of mismanagement. With the re-election of the Morrison Government, our rivers are at more risk than ever. The new Environment Minister said she wants to hear from you! Send Environment Minister Sussan Ley a dead fish NOW Read more

Healthy Rivers Need Water - It's been our catch cry for the last 12 months as we've watched the Darling dwindle from a trickle to a stand still.  But what policies do the major parties have to return water to the rivers, put a spotlight on corruption and transform the Basin Plan so that it can deliver on its key objective - to keep the rivers alive.  Read more

Residents in Far-Western NSW have left out to dry this election cycle as the leader of the country remained absent during one of the worst disasters in the history of Australia’s inland rivers. If, like him, you've missed it, since December millions of fish washed up on the lower Darling near the township of Menindee in far west NSW. In three mass fish kill events the iconic Murray Cod,  endangered silver perch and the Barkandji totem the bony bream have died in extraordinary numbers. Read more

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