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EMAIL THE MINISTER: Protect the Little Dargo catchment from logging

Pristine forest of the Little Dargo catchment in Victoria’s High Country has escaped the devastating impact of bushfires for decades.

It’s a healthy ecosystem full of mature Mountain Gum and Alpine Ash that sustains native species. It's also a site of important heritage value to the local community.

State-backed logging agency VicForests wants to log this mature forest, much of which will end up as pallets and pulp. 

VicForests intends to log a total of 11 "coupes," or sections of mature forest in the headwaters of the Little Dargo River. This will bring roads into the catchment and create a large zone of cleared land over time.

Will you take action to help to protect the Little Dargo catchment?

Email Victorian Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio to urge her to remove the planned logging coupes off the Timber Release Plan.