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Petition Delivery: Rethink the North East Link

Sustainable Cities Friends of the Earth Melbourne

The North East link is a mega toll road proposed to expand the Eastern Freeway up 24 lanes, dividing community and funnelling more traffic onto Hoddle street.

26,000 trees and 9 MCGs worth of parks and open space will be destroyed by this mega toll road.

To mark the end of the Public Hearings, where community members spoke up about their concerns with the project, we will be delivering our petition to Parliament!


We’re highlighting the damage this mega road will have on the community’s quality of life with a theme of TREES!

Dress up as a tree, wear green, or bring a cutting from your garden! 

WHEN: Thursday September 12 at 10:30am - 11am

WHERE: Parliament Steps, Spring St, East Melbourne 

Click here to RSVP

We say NO to: 

- $16 billion wasted  
- 95,000 more cars on the Eastern Freeway  
- 28 significant Aboriginal cultural sites affected 
- 138 homes and businesses lost    

Tollways divide communities.   


Sign the petition here:

See you there!

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