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Organising Training Series: Sign up

The Organising training series is for anyone interested in building their activist skill. It aims to build capacity in our collectives and broader movement.

Sign up to the series for updates and resources after each session. Whether you're able to attend or not, you can recieve the content from the workshops and stay in touch with any changes and communications on the topics of upskilling.


The workshops will run every second Tuesday 6pm-8pm with dinner provided. 



#1: May 9 - Organising 101

Back to the basics of organising! We’ll kick off the series by diving into looking at the systems of power upholding our current society and draw on simple frameworks we can utilise to understand how we can be effective in our organising. RSVP here.

#2: May 23 - Relational organising and Facilitation

What does relational organising look like? Join this session to learn about the power of one on one conversations in collective building and why relationships are the foundation of everything we do. Facilitation is a skill we use regularly in our collectives. This is an opportunity to also spend time reflecting on what makes a good facilitator and how we can improve our skills to get more out of our meeting processes. RSVP here.

#3: June 6 - Building our base and collective capacity

Who is our base, and how effectively does our team work together? We’ll investigate how people are currently engaging with our collectives, discuss the role of leadership in movement building and what we can do to strengthen, expand and enhance our collectives. RSVP here.

#4: June 20 - Storytelling & effective conversations

What role do narratives play in movement building? The messages we use to communicate drive our campaigns, but we can also utilise our own story as a tool to organise. This workshop utilises formats of storytelling which connect our individual experience to our community. The interactions we have with people can move them to action if we approach the exchange with an awareness of how to best connect with people on issues. RSVP here.

#5: July 4 - Building alliances

As we move towards building alliances with impacted communities, unions, and other FoE collectives we can draw on the wisdom of movements from the past, reflecting on what is involved in coalition building and how we can prepare our collective to engage with other groups behind common concerns. RSVP here.

#6: July 18 - Climate Justice & Intersectionality

1. Systems of power & climate justice

2. Intersectional feminism & climate impacts on women

3. Action plan

RSVP here.

#7: Aug 1 - Visioning for the collective and movement

The most resilient, effective, intersectional movements have a strong sense of solidarity. This involves an awareness of what is happening in spaces other than those we are directly working in. The purpose of this workshop is to foster a stronger sense of solidarity in the work we envision and build on our understanding of social movements. RSVP here.

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Garry Kelly
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