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Email Education Ministers to keep war out of our curriculum

Take a stand against the military agenda in the school curriculum.


Join teachers, parents and alarmed community members in con the Federal and State Ministers of Education to express your concern about the increased militarisation in our schools. The two current prominent programs that are cause for alarm are the Nuclear Propelled Submarine Challenge, a STEM project for year 7-12 funded by the Defence Department and a program called Beacon is targeting year 4-6 students. funded by BAE systems weapons company.

The Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW) has written a great report about the disturbing role weapon companies and the Defence Department are increasingly playing in our schools: Minors and Missiles. And Teachers for Peace has more information on this topic.

We need you to call on the State Governments and Education departments to cease participation in this or any AUKUS or war promoting curriculum programs.

The normalisation of militarisation and downplaying of nuclear risks in schools is a grave concern. Nuclear and military aspects in the curriculum fail to address health and environmental risks associated with both. It fails to acknowledge Australia's significant and devastating history with nuclear, including the atomic bomb tests, uranium mining and the attempts to impose nuclear waste dumps, all which have and continue to affect First Nations communities disproportionately and the harm any potential acts of war can cause to children.

Consider changing the subject line, and adding a line about who you are and why this is important for you.

Thanks for taking action!

Read more on additional ways you can get active on this here.