The Active Friends membership program is one of the best ways to support the current and future work of Friends of the Earth. It involves a regular monthly donation of a self-nominated amount*. Your generous support allows Friends of the Earth to continue campaigning, advocating and educating on key environmental and social justice issues.  

As an Active Friend member, you will receive a subscription to our national Chain Reaction magazine, a discount at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op on Smith Street, and special Active Friend prices to FoE ticketed events.

This year we have seen some incredible achievements from our community led campaigns! We have:

  • STOPPED fracking in Victoria;
  • achieved the CANCELLATION of 6 brown coal licences in Gippsland;
  • PROTECTED Koala habitat in the Strzelecki Forest; 
  • STOPPED an international high-level waste dump in South Australia, standing with traditional owners; 
  • and we're BRINGING HOME a Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) of 25% by 2020 and 40% by 2025!

With your support FoE works tirelessly for a more just and sustainable world. Together we are making a difference. We do not take funding from business. We are dedicated to the communities we work with, not corporate donors. Donations are tax deductible**

Membership terms and conditions can be found here.

*Minimum contribution is $10 per month.

**A small processing fee of $30 per annum is taken which is not tax deductible.

MInimum amount is $10 per month.
Your credit card will be billed automatically every month
Contributions over $2 (excluding a small membership fee) are tax deductible. Full membership terms and conditions can be found here.