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Become part of our powerful network, join Friends of the Earth today to ensure that the environment has a voice this election. Your membership provides vital campaign resources to our grassroots campaigns and involves a regular monthly donation of a self-nominated amount* 

As an Active Friend member, you will receive a subscription to our national Chain Reaction magazine, a discount at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op on Smith Street, and special prices to FoE ticketed events.

This election year, we are calling on all parties to commit to: 

  • Growing renewables: Powering Melbourne’s train network with solar and wind power;
  • Protecting native forests: creating the Great Forest National Park (GFNP) and East Gippsland Emerald Link Reserve;
  • Trains not toll roads: shift funding from roads to critical public transport infrastructure, such as Melbourne Metro 2;
  • Energy justice: ensuring Victorians have access to clean, fair and affordable electricity;
  • Investment in climate solutions:  Victoria's first climate focused budget;

Friends of the Earth is a member-based organisation that has a huge impact on a shoestring budget. Together we are making a difference.

Donations are tax deductible.** We do not take funding from big business. We are dedicated to the communities we work with, not corporate donors. Membership terms and conditions can be found here.

*Minimum contribution is $10 per month.  **A small processing fee of $30 per annum is taken which is not tax deductible.

MInimum amount is $10 per month.
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