Friends of the Earth Members

We are a group of activists and supporters who are working to mobilise communities, resist oppressive forces, and transform our social and economic systems.

Grassroots: Membership is open to anyone who cares about social and environmental justice.

People-powered:  Funds raised from our members means we are self sustaining, independent, and never accept money from political parties.

Autonomous:  We are a an anti-hierarchical organisation which uses consensus decision making processes. Everyone gets a say in how the organisation is run and the strategic direction of our campaigns. 

Accessible:  Membership costs are flexible, and keep the doors open to a vibrant community organising space. 

All members receive:

  • A discount at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op and Cafe.
  • Access to the Cooperative Power energy network.
  • A subscription to our national Chain Reaction magazine.
  • A Subscription to our printed newsletter, with artworks and articles from the Melbourne activist community.
  • Special prices to FoE ticketed events, and special offers from our sponsors.


Membership Types:

1. 'Active Friend' Membership

Support the whole network from $10 a month, helping us to keep the lights on, the internet working and provide vital support to the Friends of the Earth community.

Provide support to a campaign collective of your choice from $10 a month. You can find a list of campaign collectives here.

2. Annual Concession Membership
Membership for low-income or unwaged people is $30 a year. Please visit us upstairs at the Collingwood office to set this up, or contact us.

3. Lifetime Membership
Nominate someone for a lifetime membership - this person should have made a significant contribution to Friends of the Earth network or the wider activist community. For more information, contact us.

4. Free Membership
In some special instances we may waive the membership fee for period of one year when requested by an applicant for membership. Contact us for more information. 


Additional Info:

Our membership structure is built into the Friends of the Earth Melbourne constitution and organising structure. It is a model that has kept us  building transformative social movements for 45 years!

Being a member of Friends of the Earth is a requirement if you are participating in a Friends of the Earth campaign collective, or have an office bearing role like (like national liaison officer, or international liaison officer).

Active Friend donations are tax-deductible, except for a small membership processing fee of $30 per annum, which is not tax deductible.

Want to know more about FoE's organisational structure? Book in for an induction with