Membership Terms & Conditions

As per the Friends of the Earth Melbourne Constitution:

All persons that hold general agreement with the aims and objectives of FOE are eligible for membership upon application and payment of the annual subscription fee.

  • Any eligible person may apply for membership by filling in a FOE membership form.
  • Members of FOE shall not act to contradict the Aims and Objectives and the internal policies of FOE when representing FOE.
  • If the Association rejects an application, the committee must, as soon as practicable, notify the applicant in writing that the application has been rejected and refund any membership fee paid.
  • A right, privilege, or obligation of a member by reason of membership of the Association—
    • is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person and
    • Terminates upon the cessation of membership whether by death or resignation or otherwise.
    • The annual subscription is the relevant amount set out in Appendix 4 and is payable in advance on the 12 month anniversary of membership each year.

General Rights of Members

A member of the Association who is entitled to vote has the right—

  • to receive notice of general meetings and of proposed special resolutions in the manner and time prescribed by these Rules; and
  • to submit items of business for consideration at a general meeting;
  • to attend and be heard at general meetings; and
  • to vote at a general meeting; and
  • to have access to the minutes of general meetings and other documents of the Association as provided under rule 75; and
  • to inspect the register of members.

A member is entitled to vote if—

  • the member is a member other than an associate member; and
  • more than 10 business days have passed since he or she became a member of the Association; and
  • the member's membership rights are not suspended for any reason.

Aims & Objectives of FoE Melbourne


  • The conservation, restoration and rational use of the ecosphere;
  • The stimulation, development and maintenance of social change towards an ecologically stable and self-managed society;
  • The promotion of public awareness of environmental issues by directly or indirectly supporting public education work;
  • The development of a society free from racism, sexism, ageism, economic exploitation and discrimination based on sexuality or disability, and support for the rights of women, Aborigines, ethnic groups, the young and the aged, lesbians and gays, the disabled, the working class and the unemployed.


  • The provision of cheap, good quality food from sources regarded as ethical by FOE;
  • The promotion and implementation of renewable energy;
  • Opposition to all parts of the nuclear fuel cycle, including the mining, export, milling, processing and exploration of uranium, and the use of nuclear products for medicine, food processing or any other purpose;
  • Support for and promotion of practices that result in the reduction or elimination of the generation of synthetic hazardous chemicals and hazardous wastes;
  • Support for full Aboriginal rights, including recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty of Australia.
  • and any other objectives consistent with the aims of FOE.

Read the full constitution here.