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Greens call for Budget '19 to deliver for climate & environment

The Victorian Greens have written to Treasurer Tim Pallas to call on the upcoming state budget to deliver for climate and environment. 

After a confronting summer in which we have seen record-breaking heatwaves, damaging bushfires, continuing drought, and dramatic coastal erosion in Apollo Bay and Inverloch, the need for governments to ramp up investment in climate action has never been greater. 

"The world is facing a climate emergency," writes Samantha Ratnam, Leader of the Victorian Greens in the letter. "Victoria is facing a critical moment in its history with the accelerating collapse of our natural environment, the climate emergency, and waste crisis."

"Whilst the government's investment in renewable energy is to be commended, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states we need to stop burning coal by 2030 to protect our climate."

"The Victorian Greens urge [the Treasurer] to make 2019/20 State Budget a $3 billion climate and environment budget to: stop Victoria burning coal and gas for energy by 2030; protect and restore our natural environment; end the waste crisis."

Securing the state's first Climate Budget is a longterm campaign of Friends of the Earth which would see the government:

1. Increase investment in initiatives that rein in emissions and help protect communities from climate impacts.

2. Ensure greater transparency of budget expenditure on mitigation, adaptation, and disaster response.  

3. Adopt carbon valuation to make wiser investment decisions.

4. Incorporate community leadership to ensure investment is relevant to local climate impacts.

Friends of the Earth welcome the Victorian Greens' call for the state government to commit $3 billion towards tackling the climate crisis and other environmental issue.

We also welcome the call for the budget process to be updated so it is clear to the community how government expenditure helps (or hinders) Victoria's efforts to rein in emissions.

While the push for the Andrews government to set bold and ambitious Emissions Reduction Targets is our 2019 focus, we won't rest until Victoria's first Climate Budget is delivered. It's time the climate crisis received the investment it deserves.



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