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Food Co-op 2022 Cooking Calendar on sale soon!

After many months of disruption, we are welcoming the summer with a new cooking calendar for 2022, volunteer opportunities and covid-safe guidelines for shoppers, and diners at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op and Cafe. 

Holiday Season Shopping: We have heaps of amazing plastic free + ethical gifts in stock, including locally made cosmetics, specialty organic tea blends and beautiful recycled wrapping paper!!

Vaccine requirements:

- As per DHHS guidelines, dine-in cafe customers are required to present valid vaccine certificates.

- The grocery/retail store is classed as an essential service and open to all customers.

- Anyone entering the Food Co-op and Cafe and campaigns office is required to 'check in' using the QR codes provided. We continue to provide hand sanitiser and other covid-safe measures in store to reduce contact and transmission risk. 

- All volunteers and staff working in the Food Co-op and Cafe and campaigns offices are required to be fully vaccinated.

We want to thank you all for understanding that we cannot make exceptions unless you present a valid medical exemption. We encourage everyone to continue wearing masks indoors, though they are no longer a requirement to enter the store.

2022 Cooking Calendar: We are happy to announce that the 2022 Food Co-op kitchen calendar will be on sale next week! With more than 12 vegan (and gf-friendly) recipes, the calendar is a gift that keeps on giving!! The cooking calendar is a collaborative fundraising project, produced in house with recipes from various cooks that have entered our kitchen over the years. After the success of last years edition, we hope to put the calendar fund towards helping the Food Co-op and Cafe improve and grow!

Pick one up in store at 312 Smith Street Collingwood for $25!

Volunteers: We are accepting volunteers again!! Thanks to all our past volunteers, and those who have continued to support us throughout the lockdowns. We are excited to welcome you all back, and are encouraging new volunteers to get involved!

As always, the volunteer shifts are 4 hours and include a complimentary lunch and 15% off your groceries. If you’re a new volunteer, please visit us in store to chat about volunteering, and we’ll add you to our roster! Now that the kitchen and shop are picking up speed, we would love any extra hands, so please drop in or sign up to volunteer to arrange a volunteer opportunity.


Holidays: The Food Co-op team will be taking a break at the end of 2021, so we will be closed from the 25th of December until the new year, and will reopen on Tuesday January 4th. We can’t wait to see you all in 2022!


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