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Switch your energy retailer and help the planet

ethswitch_FoE2.pngFriends of the Earth has partnered with Ethical Switch for an 8 week fundraising campaign to focus on the impact that a household’s energy choices can make on the environment. The more we make the move to renewable energy, the more pressure is placed on the unconventional gas industry and the cleaner our country becomes.

Ethical Switch presents a comparison of all electricity providers within an area in terms of carbon emissions, renewable energy investment and customer satisfaction. By choosing one of their high rated providers, customers are directly supporting investment in renewable energy in Australia.

Our partnership with Ethical Switch promotes investment in renewable energy and it also directly benefits conservation. Send a message to our government and to big energy and for each person that switches to one of the Ethical Switch recommended companies, Ethical Switch will donate $50 to Friends of the Earth. So get behind renewable power and get switching!

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