Donate to Sustainable Cities

A group of people dressed in colourful clothes standing on Parliament steps with their hands in the air

With your support, we are building a grassroots campaigns resisting our car-reliance and building the modern public transport network Melbourne needs.

Chip in to support:

  • putting on events,
  • banner materials for actions,
  • holding workshops for community groups to build the campaign,
  • printing flyers and campaign materials,
  • and more!

Sustainable Cities campaigns for a more liveable connected city. We want to see more investment in public transport, no new major roads, and encouraging active travel. Sustainable Cities is a collective of Friends of the Earth Melbourne in partnership with the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA).

Friends of the Earth is a member-based organisation that has a huge impact on a shoestring budget. Together we are making a difference. Find out more here.