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Chain Reaction - Spring 2021

Welcome to issue #140 of Chain Reaction! This editions theme, “Gender Justice and Dismantling the Patriarchy”, is a powerful reminder that transforming systems of oppression requires all of us to reflect, act, and dream.

In these pages we hear from inspirational activists on their experiences of gender in/justice, and are asked to come into deeper relationship with what “dismantling the patriarchy” means for each of us in our own lives.

You can pick up a copy the Gender Justice and Dismantling the Patriarchy issue of Chain Reaction at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op, or download a digital copy here.

You can also sign up as a member of Friends of the Earth to have a copy every Chain Reaction Magazine and our poster newsletter sent you you three times a year!

In exciting magazine news, the Chain Reaction Collective are going to be re-visioining our beautiful magazine! Do you have thoughts on your favourite sections, or dreams of what Chain Reaction could look like? Send them to us!

As part of these changes, we’re inviting new folks to join the Chain Reaction collective, so if you’re interested in crafting delicious social change narratives in print media, get in touch.

AND we’re excited to introduce “Letters to the Editor” and “Who’s Reading Chain Reaction?”.

Send us a letter, email, or comment on the blog posts if you’re inspired, annoyed, or thought-provoked by the articles you read in these covers. To get to know the people that make up the Chain Reaction community, send us a photo with a few sentences about you, and the answers to the questions “when/where did you first read Chain Reaction?”, “what does FoE/Chain Reaction mean to you?”, and “what environmental/social justice/alternative world building projects are you working on at the moment?”, and we will feature a Chain Reaction reader in the magazine.

Chain reaction is a National Project of Friends of the Earth Australia. For more info, to submit work, or get involved in the editorial team please contact Moran, our Chain Reaction Coordinator at [email protected]

You can read a short history of Chain Reaction on the Friends of the Earth Australia Website here.

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