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Better Buses Ball Recap

On Friday 22nd September 2023, the Sustainable Cities collective along with the Act on Climate collective hosted the party of the year aboard a bus!

Transport Equity Week's "Bus Ball" event was an absolute triumph, bringing together community members, transport enthusiasts, and sustainability advocates for a night of fun, awareness, and style. Here are some of the highlights of this remarkable evening celebrating public transport and a call for Better Buses.

Party on Wheels

We hopped on a bus to enjoy a cruisy and thrilling journey from the City to the Western suburbs of Melbourne. We played the best tunes, sang along and danced throughout the ride, where people experienced the VIP treatment that buses can offer

Dressed to Impress

We put on our best outfits to walk down the red carpet and make buses sexy again…even Harry Styles joined us 😉!

Transport Equity Awareness

The event didn't just focus on fun and dancing; it also served as an excellent platform to raise awareness about the importance of public transportation in promoting equity and accessibility. We had the opportunity to engage in discussions about the benefits of buses with members of the community, and a fun quiz about buses which was a fantastic way to educate and inspire action.

Community Building

The Bus Ball was more than just a party; it was an opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect. Folks were united by their passion for sustainable living and public transport advocacy. New friendships were formed, and a sense of community was fostered. We also stopped along the way to have a few cheeky drinks at the end of the day to keep the party going.

Bus Ball Impact

The success of the Bus Ball extends beyond the night itself. By calling out for a better bus network, we can create a big impact on the community and create a more sustainable environment.

We deserve a bus network for the 21st century that is safe, reliable, constant, sustainable and accessible for all members of the community. We want a bus network that allows buses to come on a 10-minute frequency with a clear and connected grid. The bus riders that we cheered for on the day all agree... 

Every bus ride taken instead of a car journey reduces congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, helping combat climate change and promote equity in transportation access. Changes in our transport system will have huge impacts on our environment and our communities.

As we wrap up this incredible event, we want to express our gratitude to all the attendees and volunteers, who made it possible. Your enthusiasm and commitment for a better bus network advocacy are truly inspiring. We also want to thank the amazing bus drivers and bus riders that joined along and showed support 

Let’s make buses sexy!! You’ll feel like walking on a red carpet every time you get on! 😎

Want to get involved? 

Don’t miss out on the fun, and come join our collective! Join our collective meetings here

Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities to make a positive impact in our community and beyond!

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