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Friends of the Earth welcome pro-renewables Labor govt

884wind-turbine11.jpgMEDIA RELEASE: 1 Dec 2014

Friends of the Earth welcome the election of the pro-renewable energy Daniel Andrews Labor government in Victoria.

"The sun was setting on Victoria's renewable energy sector under the Coalition," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.

"With the election of the Daniel Andrews Labor government, and Ellen Sandell of the Greens in Melbourne, Victoria can enter a new era for renewable energy."

"We look forward to Labor delivering its commitments on wind energy. The restrictions on wind farms were executive decisions and can be quickly removed by the new planning minister."

Friends of the Earth look forward to the Labor government's plans to grow the Victorian renewable energy sector once the barriers to wind energy are removed.

"With the Abbott government failing the renewable energy sector, it is now up to Victorian politicians to stand up and show leadership."

"With new jobs figures showing Melbourne's cleantech firms have cut one in ten jobs over the last year, the new government will have to act quickly to restore prevent the renewable energy sector from dying on the vine."

There's an emerging consensus that a Victorian Renewable Energy Target should be on the table to restore certainty for the state's renewable energy sector. 

While the government-elect has not clarified its position on a VRET, Labor candidates in Buninyong and South Barwon, who publicly stated support for the measure, benefited from a swing.

The Victorian Greens, who have representation in the lower house for the first time, endorse the call for reintroducing a Victorian Renewable Energy Target. 

The historic election of the Labor government in Victoria is also a cautionary tale for those who oppose renewables. It has implications for the Abbott government's attack on the national Renewable Energy Target and crossbench senate inquiry into wind energy. 

"Labor's historic election win is cautionary tale for politicians who want to throw barriers in front of renewables," warned Leigh Ewbank. 

"The Coalition's anti-wind farm policies were an election liability. Government's that attack renewable energy will not stand the test of time."


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