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Act on Climate update: Unfinished business on climate

We're back for 2021. And after so much time indoors last year, we're returning to the campaign trail with renewed energy.

This year is shaping up as a turning point for global efforts to tackle the climate crisis. The United States is back in the game and countries will be lifting their ambition at the COP26 meeting in Glasgow.
Here in Victoria, the Andrews government is starting the year with unfinished business on climate. It is yet to set or announce the long-awaited Emissions Reduction Targets for 2025 and '30—a decision that will determine the pace of Victoria's transition to a clean economy and ability to attract new industries and secure jobs.

It's fair to say we're fired up to secure Victoria's climate targets, so here’s a quick update on our efforts over the last month and upcoming actions...


We’re doing everything we can to ensure Premier Dan Andrews sets science-based Emissions Reduction Targets for Victoria...

Including an early start on the first sitting day of Parliament to remind Labor government MPs about the unfinished business on climate.

We're calling on supporters like you to remind the Premier that the community is watching and wants to see meaningful action in 2021.

Can you contact Premier Dan Andrews to let him know, in your own words, why you'd like his government to commit to delivering deep emissions cuts?

1. Send an email to the Premier: [email protected]

2. Call the Premier's office (during business hours): (03) 9651 5000

3. Tweet the Premier: @DanielAndrewsMP (you might like to include the #VicTargets, #VicClimateSolutions, and #SpringSt hashtags)

While we don't know exactly when the Andrews government will announce the targets, we will be ready... 

SIGN UP for the rapid response to the targets announcement


The Victorian Parliamentary year has commenced. And the Victorian Greens have wasted no time to put climate on the agenda. 

On Wednesday 3 February, Greens member for Brunswick, Tim Read, delivered a 'grievance speech' about the state's response to the climate crisis. We hope Labor government MPs were paying attention during the first sitting week. 

CLICK HERE to read the speech.  


Our People’s Climate Strategy is on the home stretch. But before we publish it and deliver a copy to every member of parliament in Victoria, you have one last chance to add your voice!

Our final participatory stage of the People’s Climate Strategy is a community voting action to form a statement of policy priorities for the Victorian government.

What solutions do you want to see that will create jobs, tackle disadvantage in communities and advance social justice while rapidly lowering emissions?

VOTE on the top priorities for climate action now


An important story in The Age shows that rising sea-levels are already affecting Victoria's coastal communities. The problem will get worse without deep emissions cuts.

University of Melbourne Professor Tom Kompas told The Age that sea level rise was the "biggest risk to the Australian economy from climate change" – bigger even than bushfires, heat stress and the damage to agriculture.

We're working with community members in Inverloch and Apollo Bay to draw attention to climate impacts on our coast and secure action from governments.

This important work was hampered by the lockdowns of 2020. But we're getting back out on the ground to tackle the issue in 2021.

We know there are more communities out there who need help.
 If you've seen climate impacts at your local beach or favourite holiday spot, let us know about it in the comments below or email campaign coordinator Leigh Ewbank: [email protected]

SHARE our Facebook post to help us raise awareness


The community campaign for science-based Emissions Reduction Targets started way back in 2017.

It was meant to be a snappy campaign to influence the state government's targets decision that was meant to occur in 2018, but turned into a long campaigndealing with unexpected delays and a drawn-out decision-making process. 

Despite the challenges, it has been an inspiring community effort. We've been recapping the campaign in a graphic series on our Facebook page to celebrate everything we've achieved over the years. 

CHECK OUT our Facebook page and share the graphics


There are plenty of informative online events coming up in February. We'd love to see you at the following:

And remember, you're always welcome to join us for our weekly Act on Climate meetings.

In 2021 we're rotating between face-to-face meetings at Friends of the Earth's home base in Collingwood and online meetings via Zoom. Please email [email protected] and [email protected] for the Zoom link. 

That's all from us for now. See you on the campaign trail...

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