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Hear from a Gippsland Community member about TRANSFORM

"TRANSFORM Expo is for community, born out of Latrobe Valleys desire to be a part of the transformation to clean energy. It will inspire and empower attendees to participate in employment opportunities in the Gippsland renewable energy transition."

"The community have helped to bring businesses into the region to give Latrobe Valley a hopeful, healthier future for generations to come."

"People are coming together using business, art and education to support a TRANSFORMation towards a renewable energy future."

Read more about Wendy's story here.

Meet Wendy 👋
A Latrobe Valley local, and concerned citizen turned community activist after the Hazlewood mine fire in 2014.
Read her story, and how she’s helping to bring TRANSFORM to life in Gippsland, to give people of Latrobe Valley a hopeful, healthier future for generations to come.

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