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A big day out in the Frankston - Langwarrin habitat corridor

On Sunday 29th of November community and conservation groups from all over the the Mornington Peninsula will gather in the Frankston-Langwarrin habitat corridor to explore and learn about the bush and discuss how best to protect the Peninsula's flora and fauna.

The event will bring together groups from all over the Mornington Peninsula who are working and fighting to save areas of remnant bush, creeks, wetlands, coastal strips, and native flora & fauna.

Everyone with a love of nature and a concern for the peninsula's future is invited.

Walks will be held at two locations
* The Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve
* The Westerfield Heritage property

The activities will commence at 10am at the Excelcior Drive entrance to The Pines Reserve.

Following the welcoming speaches some groups will be taken on various tours of the Pines Reserve. Others will travel a short distance to the woodland wildflower extravaganza at the Westerfield property (maps will be be provided - car pooling encouraged).


* Sue Penincuik - Greens MLC
* Others to be announced


* Guided and unguided walks around both the Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve and the Westerfield Heritage Property woodlands.
* A number of exciting speakers will present on various topics in ecology and conservation (eg. Southern Brown Bandicoot ecology).
* The Frankston-Langwarrin nature photography competition will be launched.
* Educational displays.
* Performers will entertain and educate.

If you would like to be involved (present, perform, assist with organising the event) then contact Craig. [email protected]

More details to be posted here as the planning progresses.

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