Australia's Climate Action Summit

More than 500 people from around the country gathered in Canberra to produce a national, unified set of objectives for the community campaign of climate action for the crucial year ahead.

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community presence outside the office of Tim Holding

It is time to bring the message to the Minister for Water, Tim Holding, and other key members of the state government that Melbourne people want a sustainable water future. Feb 6.

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Community occupation of the North South pipeline

Friends of the Earth organised a community occupation of the work site on thursday 22 January. We had a small but spirited presence that aimed to raise awareness about the ecological impacts of the pipeline and offer support to rural communities affected by the pipeline.

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Desalination plant, Wonthaggi

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[September 2009]

Watershed Victoria still campaigning on the Desal plant

Both banks have signed on to the "Equator
Principles", a comprehensive statement of responsibility to invest only
in projects that have no damaging environmental and social consequences.

The National and Westpac Banks espouse their environmental
credentials in relation to investment decisions for the money we place
in their care. Yet now they are allowing the desalination plant to go
ahead, preventing better and cheaper options from an environmental
point of view, from going ahead, by backing the desalination plant’s

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Chemical castrating herbicide used in swimming pools


chemical castrating herbicide used in swimming pools
Friends of the Earth calls for bans on simazine in swimming pools and more research into swimming pool chemicals

Friends of the Earth Australia today called for bans on the use of Simazine in swimming pools in Australia. Simazine is a herbicide, registered for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA) for a number of uses including swimming pools. Simazine also kills algae in swimming pools, dams, troughs, ponds and freshwater aquariums. The US EPA banned the use of Simazine in swimming pools in the United States in 1994.

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Federal government emission reductions targets 'woeful'

details on community actions:

(media statement signed by 61 organisations below)

(full list of actions around the country here)

For photos from the actions, check here.


On Tuesday 16th of December, please join with people all around Australia as we STEP-IN to the offices of Federal Parliamentarians, to STEP-UP the campaign for real action against climate change.
The Friends of the Earth Climate Justice Collective are organizing simultaneous community actions at 4 Electoral offices at 10.00AM, Tuesday 16 Dec.

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Audit shows Brumby government needs to get cracking

Monday 8 November, 2008



Almost 40 per cent of the Victorian Government’s 2006 election promises on the environment have been broken or are at risk of not being delivered by 2010, leading environment groups said today.  

An audit released today by Environment Victoria, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), Friends of the Earth (FoE), The Wilderness Society (TWS) and the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA), assesses the Brumby Government’s progress in meeting the ALP’s 2006 election commitments to the environment.

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The North-South Pipeline: Melbourne - it's time to take a stand!

[February 2011]

Letter in The Weekly Times

The proposal to pump water through the North-South Pipeline to avoid using water from the desalination plant has been rightly rejected by the Victorian water minister Peter Walsh (Pipeline dispute flows on, TWT, 26/1/11).

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Get real on climate change

Celebrity surf challenge

Fresh water thinking for Victoria
Kilcunda Beach. Sat. 3rd Jan. 2009. 10am - 1pm.

Presented by Bass Coast Board Riders, supported by FoE and other groups.

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David Rovics & Alistair Hulett touring Australia, December 2008 and January 2009

David Rovics & Alistair Hulett
touring Australia, December 2008 and January 2009

David Rovics is based in Portland, Oregon, and has been called the musical voice of the progressive movement in the US. Since the mid-90's he has spent most of his time on the road, playing hundreds of shows every year throughout the world. He has shared the stage with musicians like Billy Bragg and the Indigo Girls. More importantly, he's really good. He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, and he will make the revolution irresistible.

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