Victoria's energy future secured as Andrews govt's Renewable Energy Target becomes law

In a historic moment for Victoria's energy future, the Victorian Renewable Energy Target today passed the upper house in state Parliament and will become law.

“This is a historic day for Victoria's energy future, and a victory for the community who have long made the case for the Victorian Renewable Energy Target” said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.


“The success of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target is thanks to communities, businesses and workers from Portland, to Geelong, Yackandandah, Macedon and Melbourne”

Friends of the Earth congratulates Premier Daniel Andrews, Minister Lily D'Ambrosio, and the Labor government, branding its energy policy achievement an act of national leadership.

“The Andrews government is leading the nation with a vision for jobs and investment in renewable energy,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth spokersperson.

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Critically endangered possum habitat being logged now!

Flow_Zone_WOTCH.pngThe Labor government's logging agency VicForests has begun logging in the Toolangi state forest, where critically endangered Leadbeater's possums have been found. 

Logging commenced without a pre-logging threatened species survey to identify protected species and implement legally required protections.

Community group Wildlife of the Central Highlands detected a critically endangered Leadbeater's possum on the edge of the logging area last Sunday night but the logging is continuing wihtout a threatened species survey to protect other endangered possums likely to be in the area. 

As VicForests refused to look for other Leadbeater's possums in the rest of the forest, volunteers from WOTCH conducted another survey and found a second Leadbeater's possum!

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Say NO to Westgate Tunnel


Will our Planning Minister make the choice to listen to the concerns from the community or commit to more cars, pollution, and toll roads by doing a deal with Transurban?

Send an email asking Minister Wynne to make the right choice!

The Westgate Tunnel toll road is not the path to transport solutions. This month the Victorian Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, will be given the choice to listen the concerns from the community or lock us into decades more of toll roads for the west.

Transurban, the toll road giant, tried to convince Melbourne that we need an oversized toll road to solve the problems of our trucks on residential streets and traffic congestion in Melbourne’s west.

Community members are concerned about another massive toll road through the middle of Melbourne, causing more traffic, creating more air and noise pollution, destroying the local environment and allowing more transport emissions locking us into extreme climate change.

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FARMERS WON'T BE BOUGHT: Guy's new royalties policy won't do anything to lower the gas price, say Vic communities

banner.jpgMEDIA RELEASE 9th October 2017

Communities have reacted with dismay and disappointment to the latest policy development from the VIC opposition, calling for royalties to landholders who allow gas drilling on their properties.

This reverses previous Victorian Coalition policy, which called for a moratorium on all onshore drilling until 2020.

"You can't bribe us to put our groundwater at risk - its just not going to work.  We know there isn't any gas supply problem.  All this gas is going off to Asia.  The liberals should fix that before they start bribing us to drill on our land" said Ian Clarke, sheep and grain farmer from Paraparap in the Surf Coast hinterland.

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Friends of the Earth welcomes Strzelecki Reserve Announcement

aacollege.jpgOctober 4, 2017

Environmental organisation Friends of the Earth (FoE) today welcomed Minister Lily D'Ambrosio's announcement that 1,200 hectares of land, including the Nationally significant College Creek has been handed back to the State. This is the first of 8,000 ha that will return to the state by 2028, under the Strzelecki Cores and Links Reserve. The land was under the control of Hancock Victorian Plantations.

Friends of the Earth spokesperson Anthony Amis, said "this has been a 20 year campaign to protect College Creek and its unique rainforest attributes. Full credit must go to Friends of Gippsland Bush (FoGB) who initiated this campaign back in 1996."

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September 2017 Update


VRET_win_steps.jpgGREAT NEWS -- on 21st September 2017 the Victorian Renewable Energy Target passed in the lower house in state parliament!

This is a historic moment for Victoria's renewable energy future. Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) will create over 10,000 jobs, attract as much as $9 billion in investment, and cut electricity sector emissions by up to 16% by 2034-35.

The lower house vote takes Victoria one step closer to jobs, cheaper power and climate action. It's a big win for the community, the labour movement, business, and everyone hungry for action on climate change.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Yes 2 Renewables campaign has long called for Victoria to set its own renewable energy target to create jobs and act on climate.

The Matthew Guy opposition stuck to its pledge to vote against the VRET despite strong support for renewable energy among Liberal party voters.

Chip in to our fighting fund so we can place ads in key opposition seats to hold the climate blockers to account.

Now there's only one hurdle to go: the VRET will go to the upper house in the coming weeks. Read our full response here.

Keen to get involved? Yes 2 Renewables meets every Tuesday at 6pm, Friends of the Earth (Upstairs), 312 Smith St, Collingwood

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Anti-nuclear campaign update - September 2017

Please see below an update from FoE's anti-nuclear campaign with recent events, upcoming events, 'take action' requests, and some recent nuclear news.

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Westgate Tunnel hearings nothing but concerns

Since I started as the FoE & PTNT Sustainable Cities campaigner I have been continually shocked as I learn more about the Transurban $5.5 billion mega-toll road proposed for Melbourne’s West. 

What started as a much needed proposal to get noisy, poisonous trucks off the residential streets of the inner West has now morphed into a crazy plan to lock the West into a car dependent future. Titled a tunnel, it actually consists of a 12-lane toll way, short tunnel, 3 giant bridges across the Maribyrnong River, then an 18-lane double-decker road leading to spaghetti interchanges and flyovers.


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Lower House passes Victorian Renewable Energy Target


MEDIA RELEASE: 21 September 2017

Lower house passes Vic Renewable Energy Target: "Victoria a step closer to jobs, cheaper power, and climate action"

Friends of the Earth have welcomed the passage of the Renewable Energy Jobs & Investment Bill 2017 in the Victorian Parliament, saying the result brings Victoria a step closer to jobs, cheaper power, and action on climate change.

"Passage of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target brings our state a step closer to jobs, cheaper power, and climate action," said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.

"This outcome is a big win for the community, the labour movement, business, and everyone hungry for action on climate change."

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Mirboo North mobilises against logging

mirboonorth.jpgWell over 300 people turned out on a freezing night to stop logging in Mirboo North in Gippsland on the 14th of September. Local resident Marg Thomas said "Vic Forests (VF), were ill prepared for the well informed and vehement community opposition to logging the community's local forests".

"The people attending voted unanimously that logging not proceed and established the "Preserve our Forests Campaign". This small community's indomitable spirit is something VF will find hard, if not impossible, to counter. Mirboo North residents will never give up and are determined to preserve their forests".

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