Climate Code Red Report

The case for a sustainability emergency published by FoE, finds that serious climate-change impacts are already happening, more quickly and at lower global temperature rises than previously projected. Download this must-read report to learn more about the latest science on climate change and what we can do to halt dangerous climate change here

Managed Investment Schemes Enter Melbourne's Water Supply, Pesticide Risk Exposed

Strawberry crops near Woori Yallock. The person who took this photograph ended up in hospital due to pesticide exposure. For more information click here Woori Yallock.

Bay dredging alert

Please take the time (less than a minute) to send a letter to Peter Garrett and help stop the proposed dredging of Port Phillip Bay - just click here to use our simple form now. (This link will take you to an e-lobby on the FoE International website)


Goldmines in Melbourne's Water Supplies?

Friends of the Earth today raised concerns about the possibility of gold mining occurring within water supplies that supply Melbournians with drinking water. For background on this issue also see:


Sustainable palm oil campaign launched

Members of the Palm Oil Action Group are ;

Check out our new website at:


LinkUp Melbourne - Sustainable Transport Campaign

They have done so by putting public transport under the control of
efficient, accountable public agencies, while Melbourne is a
privatised, unaccountable, uncoordinated mess.

But Melbourne's public transport can be taken back into public
control modelled on the very best in the world, if the state government
does not extend or renew the rail and tram franchises by the 30th
November 2007. If the government so chooses by the 2007 deadline,
Melbourne's trains and trams will revert to public ownership without
the need to compensate the private operators.

To support our sustainable transport campaign, please see their web


FoE Real Food Campaign

To get a sense of what we're doing, check out the FoE England website.


Climate Justice: A Fair Share of the Atmosphere

The new report from Friends of the Earth highlights how many people in the Global South are already experiencing devastating impacts of climate change with impacts upon food security, water security, health and livelihoods. Climate change is therefore creating a global human rights crisis which will be much worse without deep and immediate reductions in emissions. Download the publication here


Nuclear power: No solution to climate change

Now we face one of our biggest challenges, and we need your help. Please support the campaign. You can donate on-line.

A growing number of people may have jumped on the nuclear power bandwagon but all the evidence suggestions that nuclear power is no solution to climate change.

Check here for details on some of our campaign materials.

  • Report: 'Nuclear Power: No Solution to Climate Change' September 2005
  • Our anti-nuclear campaign with the real story on mines, waste, radiation and health and more
  • FoE Australia submissions and briefing papers and the new report Yellow Cake Country: Australias Uranium Industry (PDF 3.7mb)

Boycott Reflex Paper

On a positive side, the new facility will reduce PaperlinX's need for chlorine bleaching, with almost no dioxin outputs into the Latrobe River and Bass Strait occurring after the new facility is constructed.

For more information see: