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Strzelecki Forest Action

A good sized group of people joined our community field trip to see the current status of key rainforest areas in the Strzlecki Ranges on Friday, June 19.

Around 35 people joined the field trip, which visited:

  • College Creek Site of National Conservation Significance

College Creek is currently being logged by Hancock Victorian Plantations in breach of a 2006 State Government Agreement to protect the area from logging and include the area into the Strzelecki Cores and Links Rainforest Reserve.

80% of logs logged at College Creek will end up at Maryvale Pulp Mill (now owned by Nippon Paper) to be converted into Reflex Copy Paper.

Anthony Amis addressing the group

Anthony Amis addressing the group

walking in to College Creek

  • Jack River - a rainforest of state significance

checking the logging in Jack River catchment


  • Traralgon Creek catchment - badly burnt in the fires of February 2009

Blue gum plantations burnt in the February fires

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