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Alberton West Forest Celebrate 'End of Year Picnic' as they Battle Vicforests

In early July this year, Alberton West residents notified FoEM that their remnant bushland home to many threatened species was to be logged by Vicforests. Alberton West forest is home to the genetically significant and threatened Strzelecki Koala, as well as the Powerful Owl, Greater Gliders and the Lace Monitor, and that’s just to name a few. Listen and watch local Aboriginal elder Alan Coe share his perspective on the interruptions to the forest ecology.

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Dirt Radio podcast - Getting up to speed with the Strzlecki koala

This week on Dirt Radio - Lucinda, Mareta, and Phil catch up with Friends of the Earth's Anthony Amis and Michelle Baxter from the Strzlecki Koala Action Team and find out why the koala issue is a lot more complicated than first glance.

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Covid 19 pauses FoE koala surveys

Friends of the Earth’s 2020/21 Strzelecki koala surveys have again stalled due to Covid 19. We had aimed at getting 200 surveys completed by the end of July. We’re 86% of the way there with just another 28 to complete.

Mullungdung (on the right) and Wonwron State Forest (on the left), in southern Gippsland showing koala scats found by Friends of the Earth during 2021 scat surveys

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Portland (South West Vic) Koala Concerns – A Chronic and Unresolved Issue

Friends of the Earth members would be well aware of koala problems in the south west of Victoria. In February 2020 Friends of the Earth alerted the world to a koala massacre 11 km west of the town. Hundreds of animals were killed, injured or had to be translocated when an ex blue gum plantation was cleared by new landowners.

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Very low koala numbers in Won Wron State Forest

Between March and April, Friends of the Earth conducted koala surveys in the Won Wron State Forest. Won Wron is located between Yarram and Sale and is approximately 6700ha in size. Recent genetic work by Faye Wedrowicz has shown that Won Wron koalas are part of the unique Strzelecki population, hence FoE’s interest in the forest. FoE’s work at Won Wron is almost now completed, with focus soon turning to nearby Mullungdung State Forest. Our goal is to complete 200 koala surveys by August 2021 and 400 by August 2022.

A stand of Mountain Grey Gum in Won Wron State Forest

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The Importance of the Strzelecki Koala

The Significance of the Strzelecki Koala

There are two distinct koala populations in Victoria and South Australia. One is the endemic Strzelecki koala of South Gippsland Victoria and the other being koalas translocated from Victorian island populations throughout Victoria and South Australia.

This is a significant yet little understood phenomenon.

The Strzelecki koalas consist of the original diverse gene pool, whereas the translocated populations have gone through a "genetic bottleneck" resulting in much lower genetic diversity.

The Strzelecki koalas therefore, are crucial to animal's future in Victoria and South Australia. However their numbers are low, possibly as low as 1500 animals.

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New Report shows that the Strzelecki Koala Faces an Uncertain Future

New report shows that the Strzelecki Koala  faces an uncertain future

Between December 2019 and July 2020, Environmental group, Friends of the Earth, carried out 200 koala surveys in the Strzelecki Ranges and Gippsland Region. The surveys hoped to better understand habitat utilisation by koalas in the region. The surveys add to other survey work conducted in the region between 2013-16.

Friends of the Earth believe that there may be as few as 1,500 of Victoria’s only endemic koalas remaining raising concerns for the future of the iconic animal.

The concerns come after the launch of the Koala Surveys: Strzelecki Ranges/Gippsland Regions December 2019 - July 2020 report.

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Crowdfunder Launch for Koala Research!

Strzeleck KoalaAustralia’s Koalas are in Crisis. 

The devastating ‘Black Summer’ bushfires decimated koala populations, and resulted in the death of more than 3 billion native animals. 

Victoria’s endemic species of koala, the Strzelecki Koala, is the only remnant population of koala in Victoria and South Australia. 

Their population is however under threat and does not have the adequate protections to ensure their survival.

That's why has committed to match, dollar for dollar, any donation made to Friends of the Earth through Chuffed until 30 September, up to a total of $30,000!

Make a donation today!

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