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Organising in a time of the New Right

green-jobs.jpgThe election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote in the UK, and the continued rise of Right wing populist parties across western Europe is a huge concern for anyone who wants to see action on climate change and protection of the environment. Closer to home, the election of similar parties – notably Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – underscores how this worldview is gaining acceptance in the mainstream.

This requires progressive organisations to think about how they campaign.

Friends of the Earth has been holding internal discussions to address the best ways to respond to these developments in the political landscape.

We will be publishing materials and ideas here in the coming months.

Background information and ideas

The rise of the New Right

Economic Justice and the rise of the New Right

Ideas and projects we like

Earthworker co-operative - The Earthworker Cooperative brings together people from diverse backgrounds in practical action to solve the social and environmental problems faced by communities and the planet. We provide common ground where trade unionists, environmentalists, small business people and others work together in common cause.

The People's Budget - an initiative from a range of US-based organisations.

This alternative budget seeks to “tackle systemic issues with comprehensive solutions, from the impact of climate change on rural communities and communities of color, to implementing criminal justice reforms, to repairing and replacing outdated infrastructure to create millions of sustainable, good paying jobs all over the country”.


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