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Nuclear Free News July

In our July Nuclear Free News update you can read about the worrisome developments around the AUKUS deal and nuclear submarines, why nuclear fusion is not going to save us from climate change, the European uprising against greenwashing of nuclear energy and more...

Nuclear Power

Not My Taxonomy: Final Mobilisation

International groups mobilise to demand that the European Parliament end plan to greenwash nuclear power.

Could nuclear fusion solve the world's energy problems? – podcast

Recent breakthroughs in nuclear fusion technology have many scientists excited about its potential, but critics are questioning whether nuclear fusion will be ready in time to make an impact on the looming climate crisis.

Fukushima nuclear plant executives appeal against $138 billion verdict for nuclear disaster

While the Fukushima nuclear plant executives are appealing against the $138 billion verdict handed down after the 2011 nuclear disaster, the plaintiffs who brought the case have also appealed the judgement, asking for a higher penalty and for an order against another executive.

War, Weapons & Subs

AUKUS nuclear submarine plan to be revealed by March 2023

Australia's future nuclear submarine plans are expected to be unveiled early next year, with the government also looking to detail its moves to fix a looming capability gap.

Fleet of British subs to be sent to Australia as a warning to China

Very worrying and provoking move by the UK.

Are Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats a bluff? In a word – probably- Matthew Sussex

Russian President Vladimir Putin habitually rattles his nuclear sabres when things start looking grim for Moscow, and has done so long before his ill-advised invasion of Ukraine.

John Michael Slezak: Researching risks, impacts of nuclear war with Nuclear Threat Initiative

As a summer intern at the Nuclear Threat Initiative in Washington, D.C., the rising Brown junior is combining his love for science with a driving interest to ensure that policy decisions on complex issues are evidence-backed.

Atoms and Ashes—lessons from six of the world’s worst nuclear disasters

Reading Atoms and Ashes by Serhii Plokhy in this context is chilling. As Plokhy says at the start, his main purpose is to take a fresh look at the history of nuclear accidents. He looks at why they happened, how bad they were, what we can learn, and assesses if they could ever happen again.

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