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Doncaster Rail Mock Opening

Sustainable Cities Doncaster Rail

Last week locals came together for a mock opening of Doncaster Rail to call on the Andrews government to stop the North East Link. It was a fantastic action with moving speeches from community members like Cynthia Pilli.

“We call on the Parliament to immediately review their mega toll road thinking of the last decade.”

Sustainable Cities Doncaster Rail Opening

Locals dressed in hard hats and reflective vests staged a mock opening of Doncaster Rail at the Doncaster Park and ride, where commuters park their cars to bus into the city. They called on the Minister for Public Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan and Premier Daniel Andrews to stop the North East Link project and instead commit to Doncaster Rail. 

Sign the petition to stop the North East link mega toll road

Accessible public transport helps move people around in a reliable, and affordable way. Metro-style train lines are much more efficient and sustainable than mega toll roads, with the ability to move more than double the people in the same amount of time. 

The $15.8 billion North East Link is the most expensive road expansion plan in Victoria’s history. It will kill off future plans for a railroad to Doncaster. A reservation for Doncaster Rail runs through the Eastern Freeway. But the North East Link will demolish it for car lanes.

“For the thousands of households who would bear the brunt of the project - those who live along the freeway corridor all the way between Hoddle Street and the Mullum Mullum Tunnels - quality of life will further deteriorate, and so will the value of the homes we have put so much into,” said community member Ian Hundley.

Road lobbyists VicRoads and Transurban are pressuring our government to build more toll roads for their profit. But we know that mega toll roads only cause more people to drive and aren't efficient in moving lots of people. 

We're calling on our politicians to prioritise public transport like Doncaster Rail.

Sustainable Cities Doncaster Rail          Sustainable Cities Doncaster Rail Opening           Sustainable Cities Doncaster Rail

Together, we can put pressure on Public Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan and Premier Daniel Andrews to put the people's best interests first.

Get involved! 


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