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bio-fuels: the new threat to native forests

It’s the next wave of destruction for our native forests. The forestry and energy industries are now poised to unleash their plans to feed our forests into furnaces to produce electricity, convert them into bio-fuels, and into pellets for export.  This will mean more destruction of forests and their wildlife, and release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

Industry calls this ‘renewable energy’.  It wants the government to help pay for it in the form of ‘renewable energy certificates’ and other subsidies at the community’s expense.

This is despite the fact that many eminent scientists and researchers consider this form of bio-energy to be neither clean nor renewable. And despite the fact that this form of energy will actually outcompete genuine renewable energy like solar and wind power.  It’s imperative governments don’t support this industry.

Join us to show the energy industry and energy retailers, the forestry industry and governments that we will not stand by while our forests are destroyed for energy production. Let them know that our precious forests must be protected for wildlife, climate, water and the air we breathe, not trashed for electricity or fuel.

Join our Action on April 15 -

we'll have a giant toaster ‘incinerating’ threatened wildlife!

When:                         April 15, 2013 at  9am

Where:                        Outside the ‘Residues to Revenues’ conference

Bayview Eden, 6 Queens Road  Melbourne , VIC 3004

What to bring:            Just show up, we will have all the materials you need.

Phone 0414958714 for further information

On April 15 there will also be an INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION!

People from around Australia and around the globe will be opposing native forest bio-energy in Australia and photos will be posted on as this is is happening.

Please contact Biomassacre International Day of Action coordinator Jenny at [email protected] to register your interest in participating.

Please post this action alert on Facebook, Twitter, and through your other networks.

Supported by:

The Australian Forests and Climate Alliance, the Wilderness Society Victoria, Markets for Change, Friends of the Earth Melbourne, MyEnvironment, Environment East Gippsland, the Huon Valley Environment Centre, Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum, Climate Active Australia, South East Region Conservation Alliance, Healesville Environment Watch Inc.

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