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The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) is having their annual meeting this year on March 25-26 in SA. Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Nuclear Free Collective is planning a solidarity trip to the meeting and to combine it with a visit to the proposed national nuclear waste dump site and hear from locals.
Depending on interest, we may hire a small bus. Alternatively, we could go in a couple of cars or each make our way to Adelaide and leave from there. Spots are limited. Please fill in this form to register your interest and we'll be in touch soon with more details. 
This is the proposed schedule:
    *Thursday 23 March: make our way from Melbourne to Adelaide, camp in Adelaide.
    *Friday 24 March: make our way to the ANFA meeting at a conference centre three hours north of Adelaide, nestled in the beautiful Flinders Ranges
    *Saturday 25 &  Sunday  26 March: ANFA meeting to hear from Traditional Owners about their battles against unwanted uranium mining and nuclear waste dumps.
    *Monday 27 March: visit Kimba, the site of a planned nuclear waste dump unanimously opposed by Barngarla Traditional Owners, and make our way back to Adelaide to camp.
    *Tuesday 28 March: drive to Melbourne. 

As it is a solidarity trip, participants are asked to help out during the ANFA meeting. This can be by helping cook and wash up, if you are a photographer or filmmaker you can contribute by documenting and editing, or anything else that needs to be done.

Register your interest for joining the tip here:

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