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Be part of the movement for a nuclear free future!


The Nuclear-Free Collective at Friends of the Earth continues to fight the nuclear industry at every point in the cycle.

Over the past year, we have:

- Campaigned against the federal government's plan to impose a national nuclear waste dump at Kimba in SA despite the unanimous opposition of the Barngarla Traditional Owners and wider community opposition. This is a key moment in the battle for responsible nuclear waste management: the Morrison government is pushing legislation through the Senate to impose a nuclear dump on Barngarla Country, and it is likely that Barngarla Traditional Owners will launch a judicial challenge opposing the nomination.

- Challenged a push from ultra-conservative politicians for nuclear power through our work to influence parliamentary inquiries and through media work and community education. And we've actively debunked the endless misinformation about so-called 'small modular reactors'.

- Contributed to the Don't Nuke the Climate initiative to protect federal environment legislation from efforts to remove the ban against nuclear power and from efforts to weaken governance of uranium mining.Thank you for being a part of a nuclear-free future!


- Supported trade unions in their work to maintain legal bans against nuclear power (check out the Electrical Trade Union's nofuture4nuclear website).

- Supported important work challenging the planned expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium mine in SA. Important, successful work ‒ the planned mine expansion was cancelled in 2020!

- Strengthened our relationships across Australia and the world, participating in national strategy discussions, taking part in the Australia Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) annual meeting and being represented on the ANFA national committee.

Please consider supporting our work with a tax-deductible donation before June 30th so that we can continue to build a national movement for a nuclear free future!


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