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We don't need the pipeline or desalination plant

Many people will have seen the front page story in this weeks' Sunday Age, which quotes 'top-level advice delivered to the State Government' that said that neither the desalination plant or North South pipeline are needed if water conservation measures were to be stepped up.

This is exactly what we have been saying for some time. The research is widely available that shows that we simply don't need to resort to building the desalination plant or North South pipeline to meet our water needs. These projects have been deeply unpopular in rural Victoria for some time. What is clear now is that there is a growing constituency in Melbourne that is opposed to these projects.

We would urge you to sign our letter to the Premier and Water Minister which calls on the government to reconsider the current relience on the desal plant and pipeline. It can be found here.

The Age article is available here.

Resources on alternatives can be found here.

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