Update from the Djab Wurrung Embassy, how to help, and what's needed.

This message is directly from the Djab Wurrung Embassy:

At the start of August, Susan Ley federal minister for environment, gave the go ahead yet again to Vic Roads / MRPV starting a countdown for the state to remove us and clear the embassy camps.

We have time to prepare and we need your help to do that.

Monday 24th August Victoria Police executed dodgy warrants to arrest key figures at the embassy, whilst taken off the land raided all the camps with a large task force recording all materials, supplies, vehicles, personnel, locations.

By later the next day all arrested have been released but the magistrate refused to acknowledge the embassy as a legitimate place of residence, meaning that important members of the embassy have been coerced into signing bail agreements for various locations away from the embassy.

All of these factors are things that should be taken very seriously as the state is slowly and methodically laying the groundwork or pretext to clear out the Djab Wurrung Embassy and remaining protectors.

Due to the pandemic and authoritative state response the numbers of people who have been participating on the ground here at the embassy has dropped to all but a handful of committed crew. This is largely caused by the uncertainties created by the lockdown environments, both around so called Victoria and Narrm.

The Djab Wurrung Embassy is in possession of documentation that proves your residential permissions on country, and there is a lot of essential work that needs to be done.

We need caretakers, builders, workers, and people who can come spend consistent amounts of time here.

We also need communities and collectives to prepare themselves ahead of time to be ready to get up here as fast as possible. Make your plans and arrangements, have those discussions, and let people know.

Senior tribal members request that the defense of these lands is to be lead by women; this is women's country and their strength and direction is the key to winning. In particular we call to women to come to country to talk, work, and heal.

Men are also being asked to come to country but are asked to follow the direction of women whilst here.

There is space for people of all genders and discrimination will be taken seriously and is not wanted here.

Come work, come stay, come defend.

Solidarity actions encouraged if you can't make it up, but remember the conditions of the pandemic and act accordingly.

Message the Djab Wurrung Embassy page on Facebook or Instagram for more information about documentation and travel arrangements, let us and other supporters know your plans.

People of all level of ability and knowledge are appreciated and wanted, there is space here for you.

Djap Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy