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This Week: Sustainable Transport Survey

This week has been a busy one. With the upcoming budget, we need to make our voices heard. On Monday the 23rd many protests were held across Melbourne to let our MP's know what citizens want. Less money for mega roads, more money for public transport, and more options for transport. It was a great success, with over 50 Melburnians coming to rally outside their local politician's office. We will be waiting anxiously for next week to see what the budget holds for public and active transport!

Onto other things, Seb, Jaime and Dolores are third-year students at RMIT. They are doing research to understand transport behaviours and attitudes. It helps us understand current trends and necessary changes.

We would love your participation in this survey!

You can help us understand more about environmentally-conscious travel methods. This includes public transportation and active transport.

All our research builds the case for the community-powered transport plan #GetOnBoard. Help us improve Melbourne's environmental impact and general liveability by filling in the survey.

We need to know what is happening now and what barriers people face, so we can fix things. We want to hear what local area improvements could encourage more people to jump onto sustainable transport!

Please follow the link to fill in the survey:

The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Please share your ideas for building a truly community-powered transport plan!

Thanks in advance for your participation!


#GetOnBoard and join our facebook group here.

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