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Vic State Election: Put Climate & Environment on the agenda at Candidate Forums

We're officially in the final month countdown to the Victorian State Election, and local candidate forums are popping up across Victoria. Lucky for you, we've got you covered for how to best engage your local candidates and ask them questions about climate action and environmental protection.

Candidate forums are a great opportunity not only to get your issues raised in front of candidates, but also other community members. The more people hear about climate change and environmental issues at these events, the more likely they will become top agenda item and get the attention it deserves. With any luck, we might even get some last minute commitments from the candidates and inspire some policy announcements.

The most important thing to do is attend—better yet—bring along your friends and family to the event!

Suggested questions to ask:

  • Climate & Energy: (addressed to Liberal MPs and candidates) Will the Victorian Liberal Party match or beat the Andrews government’s commitments of 95% renewables and 75-80% Emissions Reduction by 2035?

  • Climate Impacts: We are already seeing climate impacts like intensifying heatwaves, bushfires, and floods hit communities across Victoria. How should the state government be supporting frontline communities affected by change impacts?
  • Forests: Logging of Victoria's native forests contributes 3 million tonnes of carbon pollution each year, and operates at a loss to the taxpayer. Do candidates support bringing forward the deadline for the end of native forest logging, and increasing support for regional communities to make the economic transition required?

  • Gas: Given the health and climate concerns with residential and industrial use of polluting gas, what policies will you support to get fossil gas out of Victorian homes and industry?
  •  Transport: Victoria’s transport sector is the second-largest and fastest-growing source of emissions in our state. Tackling this will require an efficient, regular and fully-accessible public transport network to service our communities. 

    • Electric buses: Will candidates commit to a goal of upgrading Victoria’s bus fleet to be 100% electric by 2030?
    • Accessibility: Will candidates commit to advocating for our public transport network to be made fully accessible for people with disabilities?


What to do when attending a forum:

  • Submit your question through the appropriate channel, many have digital platforms and require them to be submitted in advance.
  • Be respectful of all candidates.
  • Note the responses as accurately as possible. You might want to ask a friend to film you asking the question and the candidates' answers, or do a voice recording and then transcribe it afterwards. 
  • Send us the responses so we can share it round. If you film the question and answer, we'd love you to send it to us so we can post it on social media.

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