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Spring Poster Newsletter - Action is the Antidote to Despair

In response to the recent ‘Code red for Humanity’ IPCC report, in this issue we share how we channel the range of emotions, from despair to rage, into affirmative actions. This issue includes stories from Friends of the Earth Melbourne campaigners, volunteers and collectives.

Our stories come from an anticapitalist, anti-colonial lens, and celebrate the resilient communities resisting destructive power structures;  highlighting the interconnectedness of environmental and social justice.  On the flipside, the newsletter features a hopeful, uplifting, poster image by artist Alina Carr, showing people from all walks of life building community and turning grief to collective action. 

You can pick up a free copy the Spring Issue of our poster newsletter at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op, or download a digital copy here.

You can also sign up as a member of Friends of the Earth to have a copy of the poster newsletter and our national Chain Reaction Magazine sent you you three times a year!

Alina Carr  is a tattoo artist and illustrator living and working in Bulleke-bek (Brunswick). Her work focuses predominantly on the natural world, often depicting animals, botanicals and humans through a surrealist lens. Follow Alina on Instagram at @stickaround_____.

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