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Spell It Out 100% - Get creative for renewables

Act on Climate were set to hold our Week of Action this week, with lots of events, demonstrations, and actions planned to demonstrate our commitment to climate action.

In the midst of the major public health scare posed by the coronavirus, we made the call that now is not the best time to be gathering in groups - even if it is for the crucial cause of climate action. 

Although these actions can't go ahead right now, why not get inspired by the hard work of climate activists and the awesome actions to come?

Spell it out is a grassroots action calling on schools all around Melbourne to send a message to our leaders that spells out loud and clear what we need to do about climate change.

Kids at each of the schools will make a human sign spelling '100%', letting leaders know that 100% renewables by 2030 is a goal we need to get serious about if we're serious about tackling climate change.

The event was set to happen this Friday to coincide with Act on Climate's Week of Action. The new event date will be set as soon as coronavirus concerns have subsided. In the meantime Spell it out are asking communities to Spell it out in creative ways and post onInstagram or Twitter with #spellitout100 or email to [email protected].

Bec Parker, one of the organisers of 'Spell it out', tells us more about 'Spell it out' and asks for your help, whenever that might be.

'Over the past month, in reaction to the devastating bushfires that have ravaged the country, some Melbourne school kids and parents have come up with a way for ordinary Australians to send our leaders a simple, powerful message that we want them to commit to meaningful climate action.

Parents and kids from a number of local schools are involved in the planning of ‘Spell it out’. A striking, quiet and hopefully playful way to send a very strong message. We would love to have your support with sending this out to parents and kids who may be interested and encouraging your community to join in.

Ripponlea PS, St Kilda PS, Elwood College, Albert Park College, Shelford Girls Grammar, Brunswick South PS, Northcote High School and Albert Park Preschool are now confirmed. MacRob, Caulfield Grammar, King David School, Bell PS, Albert Park PS, Elwood PS and Elsternwick PS are awaiting confirmation. It has also been sent to parents in several regional areas and in Sydney.

We will make a video of all of the schools ’Spelling it out' and notify the media before the event. We will write to all local MP’s and State and Federal and local Council Leaders before the event and send them the video after the event.'

Simple Instructions, a poster and a blurb for a school newsletter can be found at
If your school/group would still like to join, please sign up at:

Please check out 'Spell it out' below and pass on the info to your friends:

Spell it out had the chance to make an impressive human sign at one school before the crisis hit. Check out that awesome video here:

Act on Climate had some other fun actions planned for this week, which will take place sometime in the future. One is our 100 Laps for Climate Leadershipwhere a bunch of climate champions will cycle a hundred laps around the Victorian Parliament and which you can still sponsor here to help keep Act on Climate fighting fit in these troubled times; our activism will change but it certainly won't stop. 

What can you do now?

Spell it out's focus on renewables can't come at a better time, as the Victorian government is trying to slip in a rescinding of their moratorium on gas while the state's attention is elsewhere. Yesterday, Daniel Andrew's Vic Labor government announced that it would be lifting its moratorium on gas drilling/exploration in Victoria. You can protest this decision by joining Friend's of the Earth's snap online protest and using the hashtag #NotHappyDan. 

Over the coming weeks, you can contribute to Spell it out by engaging with them on social media and contributing a creative photo spelling out 100% (to encourage the Vic gov to move towards 100% renewables by 2030).


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