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Safeguard Mechanism Update: First they ignore you...

First they ignore you... Here's how we plan to turn up the heat on the Dirty Dozen and how you can help...




That’s how many of the Dirty Dozen companies bothered to respond to the community letter calling on them to support a strengthened Climate Safeguard Mechanism: the national policy which will impose emissions reduction targets on Australia's largest polluting companies.

The letter, which Act on Climate signed onto, called on the companies to publicly support measures that would secure the deep emissions cuts we need this decade.

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Instead, the only two replies we received - from ExxonMobil and AngloAmerican - failed to respond to any of our specific points about the Climate Safeguard Mechanism.

The movement won't be discouraged by non-responses or distracted by corporate spin.

We need to turn the heat up on the Dirty Dozen and demonstrate to the Albanese government that we won't accept our climate policies being weakened by lobbying from the big polluters.


As next steps, we're asking you to take two key actions:

Now that the Albanese government has released initial details of its plans to reform the Climate Safeguard Mechanism, the Dirty Dozen are expected to aggressively lobby the government for loopholes to dodge real climate action.


The community's voice is urgently needed as a counterweight to the Dirty Dozen Polluters' lobbying.

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Our Act on Climate campaign operates as a collective, which means that the collective members who come along to our meetings are the ones who make the decisions in what we do and how we do it.

Want to be involved in planning some cheeky actions to hold the Dirty Dozen accountable?

Come along to one of our weekly collective meetings, every Tuesday evening at 6pm.

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