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Radioactive Exposure Tour 2008 May 9th - 18th

The Radioactive Exposure Tour is on again. Join Friends of the Earth for a journey to remote northern South Australia where we will visit the Olympic Dam uranium mine at Roxby Downs, the Beverley Uranium Project in the Gammon Ranges, the beautiful Lake Eyre and Mound Springs environments and meet with indigenous peoples and local communities campaigning against the nuclear industry. The tour offers a unique opportunity to go out on to country and witness the impacts of the nuclear industry on people and the environment. Indigenous people across the world suffer most directly from the impacts of the nuclear industry, this รข??radioactive racism' is a major focus of the tour.

You won't see this on reality TV.....So get on the bus, get out under the desert stars and get ready to listen!

Cost: $600 per person or $450 concession.

Total cost of the tour will include travel, accommodation and organic vegetarian food plus paying the rent to aboriginal communities.
Sponsorship request letters are available should you wish to apply for donation from an organisation that you are involved with.

For more information and applications please contact: Jessie Boylan: [email protected] 0408 448 493
Steve Holdsworth: 0430 354 887
Friends of the Earth: 03) 9419 8700

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