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Send A Dead Fish To Parliament

54521847_392710007975254_4186059887584739328_n_(1).jpgThe Darling River is in crisis after years of mismanagement.

With the re-election of the Morrison Government, our rivers are at more risk than ever.

The new Environment Minister said she wants to hear from you!

Send Environment Minister Sussan Ley a dead fish NOW


How To Send A Dead Fish

  1. Print out a dead Fish card here
  2. Write your personalised letter on the back
  3. Post it to 

The Hon. Sussan Ley MP
PO Box 672
Albury, NSW, 2640


Tips For Writing Your Letter

  • Tell her who you are! She wants to hear from people in the Murray Darling
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Be honest but polite (she's is an member of parliament)

For Extra Impact

Don't forget to ask Scott Morrison "Where the Bloody Hell are you?" with our email action 

Or send him a dead fish here!


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