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Northcote loves native forests

Northcote_loves_native_forests(1).jpgThe Northcote by-election is a great opportunity for all candidates to show their support for protecting native forests and wildlife. 

Do you live in Northcote and will be voting in the by-election?


Contact your candidates to tell them you want Victoria's native forests protected from logging.

Clare Burns, Australian Labor Party - email: [email protected] Visit Clare's facebook page

Lidia Thorpe - The Greens - email: [email protected] Visit Lidia's facebook page

See below for some helpful tips on what to include in your emails to candidates

We're coordinating a letter boxing blitz of the electorate, posting the pamphlet below to 30,000 homes.

We need help to get it done quickly, sign up to help here



[1] Reachtell Polling, November 2016

 [2] Reachtell Polling, November 2016

[3] Mountain Ash Forests are internationally listed as critically endangered

[4] Keith, H., Mackey, B.G. and Lindenmayer, D.B., 2009. Re-evaluation of forest biomass carbon stocks and lessons from the world's most carbon-dense forests. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106(28), pp.11635-11640.

[5] Nous Group, Great Forest National Park: economic contribution of park establishment, park management and visitor expenditure. Download here 

Read the Great Forest National Park summary report here

East Gippsland's Emerald Link report can be accessed here

What to include in your email or message to by-election candidates

Your email or message can be kept really simple and short.

1. Include reasons why you would like to see Victoria's native forests protected.

Here’s a short list of reasons why native forests need protection

- prevent the extinction of native wildlife such as the Leadbeater's Possum and Greater Glider

- safeguard Melbourne’s water supplies

- preserve valuable carbon stores that are helping to fight climate change

- provide Melbourne with fantastic recreational opportunities right on our doorstep in the Great Forest National Park

- there will also be employment and economic benefits, with 750 new jobs expected to be created.

2. Tell the candidates how their support for native forest protection would influence your vote. Would you be more likely to vote for a candidate that supported the protection of Victoria's forests?

3. Be polite and respectful, your message will be more powerful and given more attention if it's nice. 


Sample email or message

To (candidate name),

My name is xxxxx and I’m a resident of Northcote.

I'm getting in touch to call on you to show support for the protection of Victoria's native forests. I believe it is not in the best interests of Victoria to continue to log native forests in the 21st century when most of the demand for wood and paper products is being fulfilled by plantations.

Logging in Victoria's native forests is driving endangered wildlife to extinction, depleting Melbourne's water supplies and accelerating climate change. Most native trees that are logged in Victoria are pulped for cheap copy paper. I do not believe this is wise use of of such a valuable natural resource.

Victoria's native forests provide habitat for endangered wildlife and precious biodiversity, keep our drinking water clean and plentiful, draw down carbon from the atmosphere helping to combat climate change and provide Victorian's with an amazing  playground for recreation.

Victoria's forests are far more valuable if they are left standing and protected in new parks than they are as copy paper.

I call on you to support the Great Forest National Park and East Gippsland's Emerald Link proposals that will protect our precious native forests and wildlife. This issue is very important to me and will strongly influence my vote at the upcoming by-election.

Kind regards,

(your name and address)





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