Northcote by-election letter boxing


The seat of Northcote is currently vacant and a by-election has been announced for 18 November 2017. The how-to-vote cards for each candidate must be registered by 20 October.

We have just 4 weeks to ramp up the forest campaign in Northcote to ensure forests are a big by-election issue.

The Labor government has not yet announced a policy that will protect forests and logging is continuing within the proposed Great Forest National Park.

The Northcote by-election is a great opportunity to call on all candidates to show their support for forests.

We're letter boxing the entire electorate between October 9th and 16th and need your help to get it done quickly.

Can you spare a couple of hours? A few afternoons or even a whole day? Every little bit helps!

Your efforts will educate the electorate, empower local people to get active and help build much needed momentum in the campaign to protect Victoria's forests.

RSVP here and we'll be in touch with you to get you the pamphlets and maps.

September 28, 2017 at 6pm - October 08, 2017
Electorate of Northcote
Ed Hill · · 0414199645

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