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No New Fossil Fuels in Victoria

Victorian coastlines are at risk from new fossil fuel developments.

Victorians overwhelmingly want to see action on the climate crisis and environmental  protection. Yet efforts to reign in emissions and ensure healthy ecosystems are threatened by two new local fossil fuel projects.

Earlier this year, Friends of the Earth launched a campaign to stop them.

Please support our work with a donation to keep fossil fuels in the ground - where they belong!


In Victoria’s south west, communities are opposing planned oil and gas exploration in the Otway Basin.

In the south east, locals are working to stop an experimental coal-to-hydrogen production facility and associated waste-carbon injection project off the beautiful Ninety Mile Beach.

These new fossil fuel projects pose a risk to Victoria's coastline and an even greater risk to the climate.  

In Victoria’s west, the Andrews government has said that it has had 'strong' interest from companies that want to start exploration.

Pristine beaches and wild marine life will be at risk. The gas sector is known for polluting the natural environment with drilling fluid, metal cuttings, toxic metals, and carcinogens. This cannot happen.

According to our sources, an announcement will be made by Spring 2019. 

We have less than six months to stop this. 

A donation this tax time will help to protect Victoria's coastline.

We will stop new fossil fuels

In Gippsland, we are fighting to stop a project that will enable experimental and risky coal to hydrogen production. 

No one in their right mind would want to see carbon waste injected into the seabed - in a process that the industry calls carbon capture and storage.  

This proposal puts marine life at risk and presents a dangerous false solution to the people of the Latrobe Valley.

We want the government to rule out this project as quickly as possible, and focus on cutting emissions rather than hiding them.

Make a tax-deductible donation and keep us doing the grassroots campaigning we do best, working with local communities to stop these destructive industries before they start.

We have been through this before, and we can win!  We know that when communities take action, they have the power to stop careless and destructive industries in their tracks; and be leaders of a transition towards a future free from fossil fuels.

We need to mobilise now to make sure no new fossil fuel projects are established.

The best time to stop these industries is before they become established. Once we have gas rigs offshore and new coal projects locked in, the corporations will fight tooth and nail to stay in business and maximise their profits.

Now is the time to act decisively on climate change. The time for business as usual is over.

This means no more development of fossil fuel projects, and no more threats to land and water.

Your donation will support us to mobilise across Victoria to stop these irresponsible and dangerous projects.

We can stop new fossil fuel projects from taking off in Victoria.   

Let’s make every moment count in the next six months.

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