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North East Link Alternatives

Residents in Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs face a huge lack of transport options, leading thousands of commuters to rely upon their cars as the only reliable choice.

We've got a plan for ways to tackle the traffic and trucks clogging up streets across the North East Suburbs.

By reallocating the $16.5 billion price tag of the North East Link to a number of the projects outlined below, tax payer money will improve transport options and air quality, help protect open space, and reduce the greenhouse impacts of Victoria’s transport system.

Rethink the North East Link. Invest in public transport and safety.

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Improving Public Transport Linkages: rail extensions including Melbourne Metro 2 and Doncaster Rail are vital. There are additional shorter term solutions such as improving the exisiting Hurstbridge Line, improving and expanding the bus routes, and extending the tram network to fill missing links. 

Improving Safety and Comfort: The Port of Melbourne is rapidly growing, and without rail freight alternatives it continues to depend on an ever-increasing number of trucks to move freight across the city and state.

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