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Community Help to Roll-Out Koala Pamphlet

In recent weeks SKAT (Strzelecki Koala Action Team) have made a call to South Gippsland folk to ask if they would be willing to help spread a koala-friendly informational pamphlet in their local townships to encourage awareness of their local and genetically significant koala that may be at threat.

We recently held our online 'Pamphlet Launch' on Thursday November 11th and were greeted with some wonderfully enthusiastic folk keen to do what they can to build community will and support in fight for the koalas long-term protection and survival.

Not only will this pamphlet speak of their local furry neighbour but it will also be a useful tool to encourage sightings and scat-findings. We have been thrilled with the amount of hands that have shot up in united force which will hopefully transpire into a beacon of hope for their small koala population threatened by a rapidly changing climate, logging, habitat fragmentation and car strikes. 

Our pamphlet provides a snapshot into the key threats for the Strzelecki (South Gippsland) Koala, the history of koalas in Victoria, recent key findings, and of course it mentions how folk can look for koala scats (poop). Most often koalas are sleepy during the day and nestle into the forks of the branches amongst the eucalypt foliage which at a height can make it quite difficult to spot a koala, that's why we tend to look down on ground around the bases of eucalypt trees for their droppings. This pamphlet encourages people to search for scats and email them in to [email protected] to help consolidate a richer understanding of the koalas distribution and population which will then be added to our Strzelecki Koala Map.  

Scat-finding could be a fun activity for tourists, kids, grandkids and community members who want to learn how to search for koalas. Do you know of any AirBnB's, accommodation providers, learning centres, cafes, shops, etc., that would be happy to display a pamphlet within the Strzelecki Ranges or South Gippsland region?

To view our latest Koala Pamphlet you can check it out and print out the pamphlet here. We will also make a black and white copy available for printing. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved with pamphlet-distribution. Otherwise if you would like to take part in a "Koalaring-In" activity you can view and print our koala template here. 

Finally, we wanted to thank Blur Designs for the snazzy design and Black Rainbow printing for providing a low-impact printing alternative that returns a portion of their profits to local conservation and social projects. 

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